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rdg cards 1

cards fro rdg to study from

dilapidated run down
lean (1) having little fat (2) slender, slim
placid calm, peaceful
replenish to refill
trepidation fright
feline cat or member of the cat family
immaculate perfectly clean, spotless
succinct brief to the point
flaw, flawless (1) flaw a mistake (2) flawless perfect
dense (1) packed tightly together (2) thickheaded, stupid
agile move quickly
berserk insane,crazy
superfluous more than needed
indolent lazy
sparse scanty, widely spread
tardy late
emancipated thin,bony
taut tightly stretched
dubious (1)doubtful (2) suspicious
uncouth rude
bedlam a scene or situation of wild confusion
ambiguous having more than one
reluctant hesitant, unwilling
bold without fear, brave
indigent poor needy
Created by: leila sassouni