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Asexual Reproduction

A study Stack for a asexual test

What is Sexual Reproduction? Sexual Reproduction is when you must have two mates to create the baby or eggs.
What is Asexual reproduction? Asexual reproduction is when you DO NOT need a mate to reproduce.
What is Haploid and Diploid? Haploid-Parent cell Diploid-Daughter cell
What do Sperm and egg create? A zygote
What are advantages and disadvantages to sexual and asexual reproduction? Advantage Sexual-protection Disadvantage Sexual-Need a mate Disadvantage asexual- the zygotes sre exposed to the outside world. Advantage asexual-dont need a mate
What phase are chromosomes shared? Prophase 1
What are all the parts of the flower? Female: stigma, style, ovary, ovules=pistal Male: anther, filament=stamen Other: sepals, petal
How many haploid cells are produced by meiosis? Four
What are the 5 types of asexual reproduction? Budding Fission Plant cuttings Cloning Animal regeneration Fission Plant Cuttings Animal Regeneration (growing back body parts) Mitosis
What is Gestation? Gestation isnthe time that the embryo spends in the moms body. (human: 9 months)
What is Metamorphosis? The transformation of that animals go through to go from eggs to a adult. P. 147
What are Ovaries? Produce eggs. P. 144
What are Testes? Produce sperm. P. 144
What are the advantages of internal and external fertilizaton? Internal: the egg and sperm are united safely inside the moms womb. External: there is a better chance that more eggs and sperm will unite. P. 145
What are the major events that take place in meiosis? Crossing over and splitting the cell in to four parts. P. 131
What is crossing over? When does it take place? Crossing over is when the chrosomes switch in prophase one.
Where does meiosis take place? In the reproductive organs.
What is genetic variation? Genetic varation is the chance to mix different type of species. ( like a dog)
What are gonads? Produce sperm and eggs
What is a flagella? Moves the sperm and helps find egg.
What is an embryo? A embryo is a step up from a zygote
How many female and male reproductive organs does a flower have? One female. Several male.
How does pollen travel? Wind, gravity, water, or animals.
Where does pollen come from and where does it travel to? From the male flower's anther to the female flower's stigma.
Who is the best mom in the world? Ann Vertel
What was the first large mamale that was cloned and what was her name? It was a sheep and her name was Dolly.
Where does pollen land in the flower? The stigma
What grows down the style of the flower and what happens in it? A pollen tube grows down the style and the sperm comes out of the pollen.
What happens when the sperm reaches the ovary? The sperm and the ovule creates a zygote.
What does the zygote become? A embryo
What becomes a seed? Each ovule and its embryo
What becomes the fruit? The ovary and soemtimes other parts of the flower becomes a fruit that contains one or more seeds.
Created by: emilyvertel