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Doctrine: Horizontal and vertical combinations outlawed Sherman Section 1
Cases: Horizontal Geographic divisions are per se bad Topco and Palmer
Doctrine: Lobbying for a law is not a violation of antitrust Noerr-Pennington
Cases: Vertical tying arrangement Jefferson Parish
Cases: Determining whether one or two objects in tying arrangement Jefferson Parish
Cases: Rigid ratios of tying arrangements Loews
HHI: Significance Higher is more concentrated. 1800 is the tipping point.
HHI: Calculation Market share of A^2 + Market share of B^2 +...
Cases: Resale Price Management per se illegal (overturned) Dr. Miles (overturned)
Cases: Resale Price Management under Rule of Reason Leegin
Cases: Vertical territorial and customer restraints Sylvania
Cases: Vertical restraints under Rule of Reason Sylvania
Cases: Vertical restraints per se illegal (overturned) Schwinn (overturned)
Cases: Attempt to monopolize by bundling Microsoft
Cases: Attempt to monopolize, Sherman Section 2 Microsoft
Cases: "Price fixing" is a term of art for a per se test ASCAP
Cases: Defines price fixing Socony-Vaccuum
Doctrine: Price fixing Anything that raises, lowers, affects, or stabilizing price
Cases: Set up sales agency for large part of the market, held legal Appalachian Coals
Doctrine: Necessary market power for Rule of Reason test ~70-80%
Cases: Output reductions are a form of price fixing Socony-Vaccuum
Doctrine: Heightened requirements on mergers Section 7 of Clayton Act
Doctrine: State Action Defense Never a violation of antitrust is an actor, other actors if "pursuant to clearly articulated state action"
Cases: Control of market depends on availability of alternatives to buyers Cellophane
Cases: Price fixing by demand restrictions Nat'l Macaroni
Cases: Price fixing "per se" rule is no longer viewed favorably Texaco
Cases: Agreement to an element of a price is still price fixing Catalano
Cases: Agreeing to credit terms is a form of price fixing Catalano
Cases: Rule of Reason test for Price Fixing outlined Chicago Board of Trade
Cases: Creation of Conduct-Structure-Performance Test for price fixing Gypson
Cases: Burden Shifting for Horizontal Restraint Brown
Doctrine: Triggers for Abbreviated/Quick Look Test People restricting output of something connected to business,Regulation is needed to function at all, D's are professional class with self-regulating function
Doctrine: Quick Look Test P charges one of three classes, D gives pro-competitive reason, P has to give bigger anti-competitive reason. P wins, D loses OR P
Cases: Private Party must be direct purchaser Illinois Brick
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