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European Geo

Study Stack Game

What's the longest river in Europe? Volga River
Where's the Eiffel Tower located? Paris France
If you are in Italy, which way do you go to get to Malta? South
What is the biggest country in Europe? Russia
How many ethnic groups are in Europe? 100
What mountain chain separates Italy into the eastern part and the western part? Apennines
True or False? People in Albania nod their heads to say yes and shake them to say no? False
What is the smallest county in the world? Vatican City
what sea is located south of Greece? Mediterranean Sea
what river runs through London? River Thames
If you fall in this river you are inseine. What is this river called? River Seine
What country relies mostly nuclear power? Russia
What country owns Greenland? Denmark
What is the capital of Denmark? Copenhagen
Which mountain chain runs through Switzerland? Alps
How many museums are in St.Petersburg? 221
How many libraries are in St. Petersburg? 2000
How many movie theaters are in St. Petersburg? 62
How many seas does Russia have? 12
If you are in Wales where do you go to get to Belarus? East
What does Croatia look like? A fish hook
So if your in Finland which way do you go to get to Italy? South
If your in Italy which way do you go to get to Germany? north
If you are in Spain how do you get to Madrid? You are already there!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):) <3<3
If you're in Portugal how do you get to Iceland? North
If your in Lithuania how do you get to Greece? South
If your in Malta how do you get to Turkey? north east.
How old is Jake Wills? 13
Name the three Baltic sea countries? Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia.
What see in below the Ukraine? Black Sea.
Created by: SS-7-2