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Lottery Rose 1-6

Vocab words on Lottery Rose Chapters 1-6

Impudent shamelessly, bold
wary very cautious, on guard, watchful
endure to bear, to put up with, to tolerate, to suffer
prospect broad view; scene
unbearable Not capable of being endured, intolerant
tolerated to not interfere with
awed A mixed feeling
imploring to plead with beg with much feeling
unmindful not having a memory
reassure to help feel safe and comfortable
bewildered confused, puzzled
plea a defense
monstrosity something that is monstrous or acts like one
vespers evening and evening personified
Stout courageous, brave
Looking-glass mirror
anguish great suffer, as from pain
stolidly firm, slow, stupid
unyielding not able to bend under pressure
wretchedly deeply distressed, unhappy
Remorsefully a deep sense of guilt
incinerator a machine that get rid of waste
Mutilated to cut off, or damaged
din to repeat instantaneously or noisily
attuned to bring harmony
Created by: LizCal