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*Europe Countries

By: Zach, Ryan, Timmy, Bryson

How many lakes are there in Estonia? Over 1,000
Where was the Rubik's Cube invented? Hungary
Does San Marino have a miltary force, if no what do they have? No, they have a voluntary Mulitia
Europe lies mainly in the ____________ climate zone. Temperate
What is one the oldest countries in Europe? Hungary
What country are the Brecon Beacons in? Wales
Over 4,000 caves are mapped here. Bulgaria
Where is the Eiffel Tower located? Paris, France
What is the largest island in the Medeterranian Sea? Cyprus
What sea is Northeast of the UK? Norwegion
What river goes through the Netherlands? The Rhine River.
Which river is Europe's second largest? Danbue River
What country is the size of West Virginia? Lithuania
Which way would you go from the Black Sea to the Baltic Sea? North West
The Alps Mt. Range are in these countries... France, Austria, Sloviena, Croatia, & Switzerland
Where does the pizza not contain sauce? Poland
What channel is below Wales? Bristol Channel
What city can you not enter unless you have proper dress code? Vatican City
Where was the neck tie invented? Croatia
How do you say no in Albaina? Nod Your Head
What is Slovakia known for? Spa Towns
What is Czech Republic mostly surrounded by? Mountains
Created by: SS-7-1