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Latin America

review for Latin America unit test

Wide fertile grasslands in southern South America. Pampas
The native people of an area. Indigenous
Large slums around Brazilian cities. Favelas
People of mixed European and American Indian ancestry. Mestizos
Large plains area in northeastern Colombia and western Venezuela. Llanos
People with both African and European ancestry. Mulattoes
Type of tourism focusing on guided travel through natural areas. Ecotourism
Spanish conquerors of foreign lands during the Colonial era. Conquistadores
A self-governing territory associated with another country. Commonwealth
A leader who rules with almost absolute authority. Dictator
Over half of the populatin of this country is under the age of 20. Mexico
The Mayan civilization was scattered throughout Mexico, Belize, and what other country? Guatemala
The only English-speaking country in Central America. Belize
The only communist country in the western hemisphere. Cuba
The second largest capital city in the world. Mexico City
This region of South America was named by Spanish explorers who encountered a tribe of fierce women warriors. Amazon
The only way that people who live in and around the Atacama Desert get water. Trapping fog
Haiti and this country share the island of Hispaniola. Dominican Republic
The Spanish conquistadores came to the Americas in search of what? Gold
The biggest river in the world. Amazon
The Galapagos Islands are part of this country. Ecuador
This country is a chain of about 3,000 coral islands and reefs. Bahamas
Cuzco and Machu picchu are ancient Incan Indian cities located in this country. Peru
What is the name of the counries that make up the land bridge between Mexico and South America. Central America
In which country do half of Latin America's people live? Brazil
The highest navigable lake in the world. Titicaca
this country is the worlds largest "coffeepot", producing one-third of the world's coffee crop. Brazil
Montevideo is the capital of this country. Uruguay
Georgetown is the capital of this country. Guyana
This country has two capital cities. Bolivia
Santiago is the capital of this country. Chile
Asuncion is the capital of this country. Paraguay
Caracas is the capital of this country. Venezuela
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