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Science Notes Chp. 4


_______ help their seeds by protecting them from the cold whether. fruits
_____ and ______ are examples of medicines made from plants. quinine, digtails
______ take in nutrients water. root hair
All ________ release carbon dioxide as they turn food into energy. organisms
Most spores are produced from a _____-producing- plant because spores have less of a chance off growing than seeds. spore
_____ roots keep plants from blowing over. prop
Xylem and phloem are found only in ___________. vascular plants
_____ store food because: they may not get enough water to make food during dry periods, most cannot make food during the winter, some store food to survive brief temperature changes. plants
Carrots, sweet potatoes, turnips and beets are all _______ roots. storage
The leaves of plants take in ______ to use in photosynthesis. carbon dioxide
The material in old xylem hardens to become the ____ of a tree. wood
____ are materials that can be separated into threads. fibers
A plant with large, flat leaves would not likely survive in the desert because the leaves would cause it too lose much water and animals would most likely eat the ____ to get water. leaves
A vascular plant cannot live without its ____ because they need them to take in water and nutrients, store food, and keep from falling over. roots
Created by: angelicb