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Tresky Countries/cities

Country or cityDescription
France connected to Great Britain by the Chunnel
Taiwan this island nation is full of Chinese Nationalists who lost a Civil War, claims to be the official government of the Chinese
Timbuktu ancient African town that became wealthy from the salt and gold trade
Mexico City known to be one of the most polluted cities in the world
Moscow capital of Russia
Beijing capital of the People's Republic of China
Brazil this country moved its capital to the interior of the country, away from the coast, largest country in South America
London home of Big Ben
China largest communist country in Asia
Rwanda African country where the Hutu and Tutsi tribes murder each other
Japan foreign countries criticize this Asian industrial power because of their restrictive trade policies
Jerusalem holy city for Christianity, Judaism, and Islam
Korea this country was divided politically during the Cold War but share a common history, language and culture in Asia
Mecca holy city where worshippers circle the Kaaba, visited by millions of Muslims every year
Colombia illegal drug trade from this country supplies America with cocaine and marijuana
Tokyo capital of Japan
Pittsburgh large supplier of steel during the 20th century, think of their football team's name
Hong Kong Asian port city that became an economic power as a result of its location on trade routes, leased by Great Britain for 99 years
India 85% of this country practices Hindu religion
Bosnia Civil wars in this former Yugoslav Republic resulted in ethnic cleansing
Israel most Arab nations share a common bond of hostility towards this country in the Middle East
Sudan this country in Africa has ethnic conflict between northern Muslims and secular southerners
Created by: nchewning