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Latin Vocab

Semester II Final Exam Vocabulary

sui himself
sibi herself
se its/them self
ad to
adiuvo help
alius other
amicus friend
appareo appear
apud among
attonitus astonished
barbarus barbarian
boudica boudica
bregans bregans
britannia britain
britannus british
caupo innkeeper
celo hide
cena dinner
cervix cervix
clamo shout
commotus moved
comprehendo arrest
conspicio catch sight of
contendo hurry
contra against
cum with
de from
debeo owe
deleo destroy
deus god
dico say
dormio sleep
duco lead
duo two
e from
ex out of
ecce! look!
ego i
eheu! oh dear!
error mistake
et and
excito wakeup
facio make
familiaris relative
faveo favor
femina woman
ferox fierce
fessus tired
fortis brave
fortiter bravely
frater brother
fundus farm
hic this
iceni icenians
ignavus cowardly
in in
inquit says
inspicio look at
inter among
interficio kill
invenio find
is he
iter journey
iterum again
iudex judge
labor work
lectus couch
magnus big
malus bad
maneo stay
melior would be better
meus my
miles soldier
minime no
mirabilis marvelous
miser miserable
mortuus dead
mox soon
multi many
narro tell
necesse necessary
neco kill
nemo no one
non not
noster our
num surely...not?
obdormio fall asleep
omnis all
pater father
pereo die
periculosus dangerous
perterritus terrified
pervenio reach
plaustrum wagon
post after
postquam when
praesum be in charge of
primo first
puer boy
pugna fight
pugno fight
pulcher beautiful
punio punish
qualis? what kind of?
quam? how?
---que and
quem? whom
qui which
quis? who?
quod because
quo modo? how?
quos whom
regina queen
res thing
resisto resist
respondeo reply
rogo ask
romanus roman
saepe often
salvius salvius
scelestus wicked
sed but
semper always
sextus sixth
somnium dream
statim at once
subito suddenly
suetonius paulinus suetonius
sum be
supero overcome
surgo get up
taberna store
tamen however
tandem at last
totus whole
tu you
tum then
tuus your
ubi? where?
unde? from where?
urbs city
venalicius slave dealer
vendo sell
venio come
vexo annoy
via street
vicus village
vir man
vita life
voco call
volo want
comprehendo arrest
somnians sleeping
titus titus
vigil watch
Created by: hardcandy312