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Tresky Landforms

Sahara this desert separates Northern Africa from the rest of the continent
Plateau of Tibet vast elevated region in China north of the Himalayas
Ural mountain range that separates Europe from Asia
Sierra Madre mountains located on Mexico's eastern and western coasts
Himalayas mountain range that separates India from the rest of East Asia; also known as the rooftop of the world because some of the world's highest mountains can be (Mount Everest)
Rocky North America's major mountain range; these are the younger ones
Great Plains broad, fertile plain extending east of the Rocky Mountains into central North America
Scandinavia Norway, Sweden, and Finland are a part of this peninsula
Gobi major desert found in East Asia
Great Barrier Reef landform off the coast of Australia; world's largest coral reef in the world
Iberian Spain and Portugal are found on this peninsula
Pyrenees Mountains that form the border between France and Spain
Alps major mountain range in Western Europe that isolated Italy from the countries in Europe for many years
Italian peninsula on which Italy lives
Andes longest, unbroken mountain chain in the world (4,500 miles); located in South America
Appalachian mountain range found on the eastern coast of North America; we can tell these mountains are old because of their rounded tops
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