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Australia test

The first Europeans to settle in Australia: British-convicts
A baby Kangaroo is called a: Joey
Animals that carry their young in a special pocket is called a: marsupial
Why is Austalia called the Land Down Under: It is below/south of the equator
The outback is located: in the center of Australia
Australia is a country as well as a: continent
Austalia has _____ states and ______ territories: 6 states and 2 territories
Capital city is: Canberra
First people who are native to Australia: Aborigines
Name three natural resources: gold, natural gas, iron ores, wool, coal, nickel, diamonds
Ayers rock is also known as: Uluru (plateau)
What is the largest city? Sydney
Large farms in the desert are called: Stations
Koalas live in the country called the: bush, outback
Our seasons are: opposite
The Great ___________________ is made of coral and is 1,500 miles long. Barrier Reef
FORM of government: democracy
Australia's leader is called a: Prime Minister
Most of Australians live near the: coast
Australia is also an: island
The building that has a top that looks like sails Sydney Opera House
Name three popular sports: soccer, Aussie rules, rugby, cricket
Name three jobs: Sheep sheerer, farmer, miner
Australian cowboys are called: jackaroo
Created by: dauphinais9



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