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earth science

ethno people
anthropo man,human
meso between, middle
potamia river
geo earth
epi on top of
cycles around
retro backward
grade motion
helio sun
nether low
tele far
scope seer
hypo under
crite thinker
dog teaching,truth
galacto milk
logo word,study
philo love
phusis basic nature of a thing
saeculum age,world
versa roll,go-around,turn
a not,un-,negative
epi on top of
meta later,further
micro tiny
mille thousand
uni one
aqua water
capilla hair
clude barrier,blockage
colon large intestine
gea earth
hemera day
pan all,entire
phrea well
sat,satis enough,full
vado ford,shallow place
ab from,away from
ceno recent
palaeo ancient
peri near, close to
ad to,toward
cum with,together
fer,lat carry,have, bear
hes,here stick,cling,hold
morphic shape
deut two
nomas law
creti crescent
neb cloud
leviti going up
therm heat
trop topic
sub underneath
sapiente wisdom
equi equal,even level
librium balance
ion pick-up
trans across
ana together
e,ex,exo from,out from,away from
en, endo in,inside,within
gen cause,make
homeo similar
metr measure
tom cut
trans across
a un,not (some negative, sense)
ana together
e,ex,exo from,out from,away from
en, endo in,inside,within
gen cause,make
homeo similar
metr measure
tom cut
trop lean
dendr branch,tree
erg work
fluvium river
hydro water
litho rock,stone
nux,nuc nut,heart,core
rego blanket,covering
ripa bank of a stream
scarpa cliff,steep slope
sedes seat
hiero holy
stomo mouth,opening
per throughout
berg mountain
hemera day
col neck
paleo ancient
dec ten
glossa tongue
pleisto most
cene recent
sol sun
alb brightness
stas stand
vital alive
curre to run
spectr ghost,vision
sym same
baro pressure
photo light
dog teaching,truth
Created by: ngonzalez836