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Political Science

Iran Exam 3

Theocracy A form of government in which ideally all laws are grounded in religion
Reza Khan commander of the Cossack brigade, sized power of Iran and crowned himself Shah of Iran
Muhammad Reza Shah son of Reza Khan, ruled until 1979 with the Iranian Revolution
Ruhollah Khomeini leader of the resistance was Ruhollah Khomeini who instituted a referendum on a new Islamic Republic.
Faqih (supreme leader) (The Valiye)Will always be a male senior Shia Islamic theologian. Selected by an Assembly of Experts The assembly is made of 86 clerics who are elected every eight years. The man they select serves for life
Majlis Islamic Consultative Assembly, Iran’s legislature is unicameral, 290 deputies elected for four-year terms each by SMD, Iran is divided into 265 constituencies
Council of Guardians 2nd most powerful, twelve members who serve six years each,The Faqih chooses six Islamic clerics.Iran’s supreme court (the High Council of Justice) names another six who are all Islamic lawyers, who must then be approved by the Majlis.
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Current President, is there for foreign appearance purposes
Sharia Law Islamic Law
Bonyads tax exempt charities
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