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Pivo Final


Distinguish between “A” design and TO design. a. A design is a plan or scheme for construction of an object. b. TO design is the process used to create the plan
What are the powers of design? a. Actualization- makes ideas seem real b. Visualization- creates images that inspire c. Integration- coordinates multiple ideas into a harmonious whole. d. Evaluation- tests practicality of ideas
What’s the difference between Sustainable Technology and Sustainable Behavior? S technologies, materials, design features to that contribute to S regardless of user behavior- (materials with low embodied energy). S behavior= sustainable actions of residents and workers. –paths can enable biking, walking but depend on users to be ef
What are some sustainable behaviors that depend on the built environment? a. Will change in behavior require change in local environments and regulations or huge cultural and psychological shifts. b. If change requires on city, neighborhood, homes?is communal living practical?
What things other than the built environment (i.e. what intervening variables) can affect the level of sustainable behavior? a. Length of residence, householder pre-existing attitudes, provision of services to support sustainable behavior- curbside rec¥cling or frequent bus service. b. Socioeconomic factors- wealth, age, household composition, employment status, gender, ethni
What is Industrial Ecology/ Study of industrial systems that operate more like natural ecosystems. – reduce, reuse and recycle, environemntel awareness and good economic sense. Eco-industrial park developed from this concept- it is a public private partnership where thios industri
How does it manifest the notion of sustainability? a. EIP and industrial ecology are the manfiestations of sustainability. Economic growth and development must take place, and be maintained over time, within limits set by ecology in broadest sense- by interrelations of human beings and their works. Living
3. What is the goal of an Eco-Industrial Park? a. Multiple by product exchanges, includes recycling companies, or resource recovery. b. A collection of environmental technology companies c. Industries designed around a signle environmental theme. d. Companies making environmentally clean products
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