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magnetism is the force of attraction or repulion
magnet if its nn it will repulion if its ns it will atrract
electro magnet is formed when a wire in an electric circuit is wrapped around an iron core producing a magnetic fild
generator if your power was off you can yous a generator to yet power
simple electric moters battery-chemical energy.moveing the generator is mechanical energy
heat energy example like a lamp it gets really hot
solar energy is the the energy fromethe sun which provides heat and light energy for earth.
chemical energy stored in particles of matter batterie is a chemical energy
electrical energy flows trow a electric circuit like your tv
mechanical energy moving
work moving and object
leavers has fulcrum and ex. sesal
pulley the thing at the top of a flag pole that has rope and turns
inclined planes ramps long distance but less force
wheel and axle wheel and in the middle the axle-dose not move
complex machins consist of two or more simple machines
light like your lamp
sound like stero
Created by: shaebyrd