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Cranial Nerves

Cranial Nerves for Interventions II final

Trigeminal with number (V) sensation on 3 parts of face (temporal, maxillary, and mandibular)
Trigeminal Tests clench the jaw, feel temporal region and cheek region/3divisions for sensation of sharp/dull (Q-tip)
Facial with number (VII) what allows us to make facial expressions
Facial Test do specific facial expressions, look for asymmetry/ close their eyes and not let you open them/lip sounds (B, P, M), Salivation
Acoustic (Vestibulocochlear) with number (VIII) hearing and balance (two branches, cochlear, vestibular)
Acoustic Tests Romberg Test (close their eyes, see if they fall over)/hearing test w/finger noise
Glossopharyngeal and number (IX) saliva production, gag reflex, swallowing
glossopharyngeal Test ask them to sip water
Vagus and number (X) output to various organs in body and sensory info on them
Vagus Test hoarseness of speech, oropharynx symmetry (does the dangly thing stay in middle when they say “Ahhh”), gag reflex, swallowing
Spinal accessory and number (XI) innervates SCM muscle and trapezius
Spinal Acessory Test ush against your hand on either side of their face/shrug their shoulders while you put your hands there
Hypoglossal and number (XII) innervates speech and the tongue
Hypoglossal Tests tongue sounds (L, T, D, N)/Inspect for deviation and twitching/Motor function and strength of tongue
Created by: CBear92