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Geography midterm1

makes up the greatest part of mexico mexican plateau
mexican pop. 109 million
what is a mestizo mixed european and indian
per capita in mexico 13,000
border of US and mexico rio grande
northern climate in mexico semiarid
southern climate in mexico tropical
most important resource in mexico silver
largest indian group in mexico mayan
name mexico comes from aztec
conquistador who conqueres the aztec hernando cortes
tenochitalan was renamed mexico city
spanish farm hacienda
% of US factories in mexico 66
4 parts of Latian America Mexico central america carribean islands, south america
how did central america form plate tectonics
number of countries in central america 7
3 important crops in centeral america coffe, bananas, and cocoa beans
year for central america independence 1821
central american countries united to form.... united provence of cental america
english speaking country in central america bolivia
what is ecotourism preserves trees and attracts people
central american country with largest pop guatemala
guatemala indians were... mayan
economy of guatemala is based on coffe
hurrican that damaged central america mitch
called banana republic honduras
smallest country in central america el salvador
largest and poorest country in central america nicaragua
most stable country in CA cost rica
what is an archipelago chain of islands
started to build pananma canal France
finished and fixed panama canl US
miles across panama canal 40
hours to travel panama canal 8
4 islands in greater antilles jamaica cuba, hispanola, puerto rico
3 parts of triangle trade carribean, africa, europe
trade orginization in carribean caricom
largest island in carribean cuba
3 cuban crops tobacco, sugar, coffee
country US recieved after the spanish-american war puerto rico
cuban dictator fidel castro
attempt to overthrow castrow bay of pigs
stand off over soviet missle cuban missle crisis
2 countries in hispanola dominican rempublic and haiti
poorest country in carribean nicaragua
fastest growing economy in carribean dominican republic
leading sugar producer in carribean jamica
highest per capita in carribean 29,000
number of countries in lesse antilles 8
2 cash crops in lesser antilles sugar cane, bananas
highest waterfall in s america angle falla
rain forest in s america amazon
driest desert in s america atacama desert
warm current caused problems in SA el nino
country with copper inSA chile
country with oil in SA venezuela
exports most bananas in SA equador
exports beef in SA argentina
leading coffee in SA brazil
trade orginization in SA mercosur
2 men who freed SA Simon Boliviar and Jose de Sanmartin
what is carnival mardi gras
laargest city in SA Sao Paulo, Brazil
English country in SA guyana
dutch country in SA suriname
french country in SA french guiana
island prison in SA devil's island
economy of columbia coffee, emeralds, and cocaine
why is cocaine a good crop brings in twice as muchas coffee, and grows four times a year instead of once
venezuela means little venice
what is OPEC orgenization of petrolium exporting countries
largest country in SA Brazil
Fertile plains called in SA pampas
longest country in SA chile
crops sold to US in winter months of SA grapes
Most isolated islands easter islands
Indians in peru inca
peru has the best fishing
ecuador islands galapagos
galapagos means saddle
poorest country in SA bolivia
US/CANADA makes up what % of NA 80
what is located on the fall line piedmont and costal plain boundries`
oldest mountians in Amer appala
highest mountains in amer rockies
longest mountian in amer rockies
eastern mountains in amer appalachian
continential divide mount rockies
main climate of canada subarticc
only climate not found in US ice cap
plants and animals form ecosystem
groups of ecosystem biome
canada is the world leader of wood
low quality paper newsprint
north america has more than any continent fresh water
canada's most important waterway st lawrence
the st lawrence connects atlantic to lake ontorio
% of coal in US 25
% of oil imported bu the US 50
amount traded a day between Canada and US over 1 billio
difference bteween FTA and NAFTA fta-canada and US Nafta-us, canada, mexico
pop of US 305 million
growth rate of US .6
literacy rate of US 99%
number of religions in US 1200`
largest increase of peopl in the US in the nest 50 years mexican
3 countries claiming land in the US England France Spain
pop density in US` 80km^2
5 largest cities in the US New york, LA, Chicago, Houston, philly
industrial region of US northeast
what is a megalopolis group of citites that have grown into one large built up area
economy in midwest farming
number of mississippi tributaries 250
number of states the Mississippi runs through 31
2 belts in the midwest corn and dairy
state ranks 1 in corn iowa
state ranks1 in dairy wisconson
% of wood in the south 33
2 crops in south cotton and tobacco
new southern industry auto
largest area in US west
belt in the west wheat
aquefer in west ogallala
leading agriculture state california
what is a dead zone chemicals wash into the water killing animals and plants
what is gentification rich people buying run down houses, restoring them, which raises taxes in the poor areas
what is a trade deficit in import more than export
largest country in the world russia
2nd largest country canada
capitol of canada ottowa
what does bilingual mean able to speak two languages fluentley
population of canada 33 million
per capita of canada 35,000
number of lakes in canasa 3 million
% of canada covered by forest 50
another name for inuit eskimo
viking explorer in newfoundland john cabot
sea route through canada northwest water passage
1 french explorer in canada jacques cartier
1 french colony in canada quebec city
what drove british loyalist to canada american revolution
head of state in canada queen elizabeth
true leader of canada governor general
4 atlantic provinces prince edward island, newfoundland, new brunswick, nova scotia
2 provinces in the heartland quebec and ontario
3 prairie provinces alberta, sakasewean, manitoba
3 territory yukon, nunavat, northwest
inuit territory nunavut
3 economic activities in canada torism, mining, fishing
european pop 129 millioj
k=mountains that seperate Europe and Asia urals
smallest country in europe vatican city
imaginary line that separates east and west europe iron curtain
5 peninsulas balkan, italian, jutland, iberian, scandinavian
europe's 2 main rivers danube and rhine
3 climates in europe west, interior, south mediterranian
3 types of forest and area tempeate, boreal, meditteranian scrub
thrade union in europe european union
type of currency in europe euros
2 countries in british isles united kingdom and ireland
4 parts of the united kingdom scotland, wales, england, north ireland
having different culture ifflence the country sequent occupancy
controlling other countries imperialism
% of the world britian controlle during imperialism` 25
3 reasons the industrial revolution started in europe coal/iron, population, transportation
year of irish potatoe famin 1845
caused irish potatoe famine fungus
how long dod te irish potatoe famine last 7
fast growing economy celtic tiger
north ireland is called ulster
catholic terrorist group IRA
religion in France catholic
capitol of france paris
2 things france ranks number 1 in wine and tourism
3 benelux countries belguim, netherlands,luxembourg
netherland means lowland
used to hold water back dike
land reclaimed polder
belguim capitol brussels
brussels is the headquarter of e.u. and NATO
luxembouge per capita ranks` 3
biggest industry in luxembourg steel
5 scandinavian countries norway, sweden, denmark, iceland, finland
norway sweden and denmark formed union of kalmar
norway is europe's leading fishing company
sweden's religion lutheren
sweden's economy socialism
sweden ranks 3rd in wood
denmark's peninsula jutland
island controlled by denmark greenland
% ice in greenland 85`
people in greenland eskimos
iceland is this type of island volcanoe
number of volcanoes in iceland 200
number of glaciers in iceland 100
finland had the worlds 2nd largest wood
northern part of norway, sweden, and finland, lapland
people of lapland sami
# of reindeer 200,000
germany's pop 83 million
number of german states 16
german capitol berlin
2 most powerful state in germany Austria and hasburg
during industrial revolution, germany spent on military
european alliances against the germans created a balance of power
german political party nazi
hitler invaded poland
divided west and east berlin soviet union
the fall of the berlin wall ended the cold war
germany GNP ranks 4th
1 out of 7 germans are employed in auto
3 alpine countries austria, liechinstein, switzerland
austrian family asburg
defeated austria prussia
river liechtenstein is located on rhine
leichenstein per capita renak 2nd
% of sweden's pop that skies 33
how many officaial languages in sweden 4
sweden's policy toward war neutral
swiss guards protect VATICAN
swiss biggest industry chocolate
3 parts of soviet treaties military bases, communist, makes products
imaginary land iron curtain
poland's capitol warsaw
number of jews in warsaw 500,000
jews were forced to live in a ghetto
number of jews who dies in the ghetto 10,000
how many weeks was the ghetto revolt 5
number who dies in the revolt 60,000
how many partitions of poland 3
3 baltic states estonia,lativa, lithuania
part of russia on the baltic kaliningrad
hugary's capitol budapest
largest greek island crete
main crops in greece grapes and olives
a former soviet republic moldove
66% of moldova's pop are romanian
country created after WWII yugoslavia
yugosavian dictator tito
tito type of govermetn communist
6 countries that formed after yugosavia collapsed bosnia, croatia, slovenia, macedonia, serbia, montengro
difference between latitude and longitude latitude measures left to right
3 ways to make a map projection cylindrical- a cyclinder wraps around a globe conic- a cone fits on top of a globle flat-plane-appears to touch one point of a globe
how are inner planets different fro outer inner-small and rocky outer-large and gaseous
explain the water cycle water is evaporated, condenstation, precipitaion
how have continents driffted apart continential drift- plates slowly move, so it forces the conteninets to detatch
explain what happens when plates move rift valleys, trenches, volcanoes, mountains, earthquakes
difference between secondary and tertiary industries secondary-use raw matierials to produce or manufacture something new teritiary- provide services to people and buissnesses
difference between capitolisma and command capitolism-buissnisses, industries, and resources are privatley owned command-gov. decides what to produce, where to make it, and price of charge
give an example of natural,cultural, and geometric boundries natural-rio grande cultural-north ireland geometric-canada and US
3 belts in the US corn, wheat, dairy
what is th difference between the head of state and real ruler of canada head of state-queen of england real ruler-governor general
northern mexico and how it effects US has 2000 factories and 66% belong to US and 70% is exportes to US
explain how eco tourism works countries keep unique sites like waterfalls and rainforests for tourism and use it for the economy
why did the french stop building the panama canal so many people had died and there were diseases
explain cuban missle crisis soviet union and US stand off during the cold war
why do colombians grow cocaine instead of coffee cocaine brings in twice as much money and it grows four times fater
explain irish potoatoe famine 1845 cause by fungus and lasted 7 years
explain how ntherlands formed formed with dike and poder system which was a way to reclaim land from the sea
where is lapland and why is it unique across norway, finland, and swedem-has 200,000 reindeer.economy is reindeer and tourism
discuss the berlin wall divided east and west berlin and when it fell it ended the cold war
discuss the warsaw ghetto revolt 60,00 died, polish jews uprising
explain break up of yugosolvia after dictator tito died 6 countires broke off
genocide of kosova miloservic sent in troops for the genocide, the EU tried to help. milodevio was arrested and died in jail
study of the earth geology
age of the earth 5 billion years
3 layers of the earth core, mantle, crust
2 metals in the core iron, nickle
84% of earth mantle
crust makes up what % 1
upper mantle and crust make up lithosphere
temperature in core 11.000
melted rock is called magma
number of active volcanoes 1,500
one landmass pangea
3 continents in Laurasia north america, europe, asia
4 continents in Gondwana antartica, australia, south america, Africa
crust divided into plates plate tectonics
number of plates 20
plates move how much a year 1 INCH
2 plates move apart sea floor spreading
2 plaes move toward eachother colide
2 plates collide form a island and mountain
2 plates slide lateral
what happens with lateral plates earthquakes
area with active volcanoes ring of fire
changes landforms weathering
3 causes for weathering water, wind, glaciers
% of fresh water in the great lakes 20
60 times more water if found underground
underground lake aquifer
aqueffer between texas and south dakota ogallala
% of pop that do not have fresh water 30
any material used from earth natural resource
3 nonrewnewable resources oil, coal, mineral
% forest on earth 21
destrection of forest deforestation
3 fossil fuels coal, petrolium, natural gas
dirtiest fossil fuel coal
top oil producer saudi arabia
% of oil US imports 60
cleanest fossil fuel natural gas
alternative energy that can create the most uranium
4 alternative renewable resources hydropower, geothermal,wind, solar energy
atudy of population demography
average person per square mile population density
3 pop clusters china, europe, india
% of pop in the northern hemisphere 90
3 things cause pop change birth rate, death rate, migration
pop of US 305 million
how fast will the pop double 6.7 million in 61 years
world's pop 6.7 billion
demographic changes high birth/death rate, high birth/death rate falls, low birth/death rate
study languages demographs
number f languages in the world 6,500
% of languages will disappear in the next 100 years 90
most spoken language chinese
number of major religion 19
3 groups of religion ethic,universal, animest
study of how goods are produced economy
4 industries primary, day, tertiary, quaterly
4 primary industries farming, hearding, forestry, fishing
what are secindary industries take raw material and turn it into a product
another name for tertiary industries service industry
what do quaternary industries do reasearch, create new products, help the other three
3 typres of economires traditional, market, command
traditional economies are used in poor countries
traditional economies produce one product
what is substinence farming growing enough to feed your family
people own the resources is called capitolism
economy where the gov has complete control communism
command econmy are also called GNP
GNP of US 12trillion
total value of goods produced between the border gross domestic prodect
US literacy rate 99%
3 categories of countries developed, developing, middle income
% of developed countries 25
per capita of developed countries 20,000
number of nation in the UN 192
2 people who created UN rosevelt/churchill
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