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Everything in the 1st semester

the earth is made out of _______parts 4
name the 4 parts of the earth atmosphere,geosphere, biosphere,and the hydrosphere
a relief map show shows? mountains and platues and plains
a conical project map does what? the contour lines are curved and the map is shaped as a cone
a planar projection map does what? helps people find the shortest distance between 2 points
a mercator projection map does what? shows the earth as if the map were a large cylinder wrapped around the planet; the cylinder unrolled to form a flat map & makes things look larger that they really are
the globe is most_____ accurate
scales show what??? how far away something is
what is the bad thing about satellite pics? they can only be taken during the day
the atsmophere is?? earths air
the hydrosphere is ?? 100% water
the biosphere is?? animals of the earth (all living things)
the geosphere is?? the interior and rocks/soils of the earth
a plateau is a ?? area near mountain that is flat
the things that maps can show are? houses, towns, gas stations and etc.
What states have plains? Kannas,Arkansas, Mississippi , Florida have plains
Where are the mountain rages? in virginia, south carolina, maine
Plateaus don't have a lot of ___________. greenery
Colorados plateaus are considered_________ the four conners
What is latitude?? it is measuring lines going around a map or a globe
What is longitude?? it is a measuring up & down on a map or on a globe
How much of the earth is Nitrogen?? 78%
How much of the earth is oxygen?? 21%
How much of the earth is carbon dioxide, water vapor , and other gases?? 1%
How much of the hydrosphere is fresh water?? 3%
How much of the hydrosphere is freshwater but is frozen in glaciers and polar ice caps?? 70%
What are the parts of the geosphere?? crust,inner core, outer core, mantel
the mantel is made out of?? hot rocks and liquid rocks
the crust is ?? outer layer it is very thin like the skin on a apple. made out of hard rock
A system is ??? an orgnized hroup of parts that work together
a mountain range is?? a group of mountains
Mountain belts are??? mountains connected in a long chain m(Rocky mountains)
Plainas are?? gently rolling or flat features (Great plains)
How many GPS (GlobL positinoning system) circle the earth?? 24
A mercator projection map is used for?? sea and air navgation?
What is the problem with the mercator map?? areas near the poles appear larger thatn they really are
What are conical projection maps used for?? Mapping large areas in middle latitudes
What is the problem with the conical map?? landmasses near north/south poles will be distorted
what are planar projection maps used for?? plotting ocean and voyages and for showing north and south poles
what is the prolem wiht planar maps?? landmasses farther from the center point are distorted
Conttour lines never____________ cross
Contour are always the same on a _______- map
Contour interval is a _________ distance in elevation from 1 contour line to the next
Index contour lines mark___ elevations
Created by: Halle :D