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Latin phrases

salve! Greetings!
Vale Goodbye
bene! Great!
euge! Hurray!
satis! Enough!
eheu! Oh, no!
quis es tu? Who are you?
quid vis? What do you want?
audi! Listen up!
placentne tibi? Do you like them?
Die dulci freure Have a nice day
ego tibi gratias maximas ago Thanks a million
Canis meus id comedit "my dog ate it
Sane ego te vocavi. Forstan capedictum tuum desit I did call. Maybe your answering machine is broken
Horologium manuale meum stitit My watch stopped
Currus meus se movere noluit My car wouldn't start
Hostes alienigeni me abduxerunt. Qui annus est? I was kidnapped by aliens. What year is this?
Fiber fervidus Eager beaver
Pavo absolutus Total turkey
Lacertus atrioli Lounge lizard
Fera festiva Party animal
Radix lecti Couch potato
absit iniuria verbis no offence
Te amo I love you
Ab imo pectore From the bottom of my heart
Una in perpetuum Together forever
Amor vincit omnia Love conquers all
Te valde amo ac semper amabo I love you very much, and always will forever
Te amo te quamvis oderim. I love you even though I hate you
Created by: Ktmcat1999