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Satyricon: vocab 2

Millionares DInner Party textbook

ratio rationis account
securis securis axe
defigo defigere defixi defixum fix
luna lunae moon
stella stellae planet
imago imaginis image
conor conari conatus sum try
dexter dextra dextrum right
trepido to be nervous
praeceptum praecepti order
limen liminis threshold
pariter equally
gressus gressus step
despolio strip
eripio eripere epripui ereptum take away
peccatum peccati crime
vestimentum vestimenti clothes
numero count
precor precari precatus sum prayer
superbus -a -um proud
tollo tollere sustuli sublatus raise
iactura iacturae throwing away
neiquissimus wicked
cubitorius -a -um dinner posture
perdo perdere perdidi periditum lose waste destroy
lavo lavere lavi lotus wash
beneficium beneficii kindness
occurro occurrere occurri occursum run to meet
basium i kiss
impingo impingere impegi impactum strike
humanitas -atis kindness
noster nostra nostrum our
obiter in passing
potio potionis in drink
imperium imperii order
cantus cantus song
pantomimus pantomimi mime
asellus donkey
mena -ae table
tego tegere texi tectum cover
lanx lancis dish
argentum argenti silver
pondus ponderis weight
papaver papaveris poppy
glis gliris dormouse
tomaculum tomaculi sausage
prunum pruni prune
Created by: melissaunicorn