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Mr D's Reading Vocab

The act of using another person for selfish purposes Exploitation
clear; plainly understood unequivocal
made weaker or less useful impaired
Series of planned steps maneuver
favoring change in the social structure radical
the act of climing or rising ascent
insulting; dishonorable degrading
give evidence to prove an arguement refute
still using the hands or boldly Dexterity
wealth; abundance affluence
in the order previously named respectively
weighted down by work sorrow or duty Burden
a widely held opinion about a person whether good or bad reputation
a reason or motive to hide ones real intentions Pretext
wise and careful Judicious
unlucky or unfortunate happenings mishaps
ready to spring out, attack; existing undiscovered Lurking
punishment for wrongdoing retribution
great suffering from Anguish
without calling attention to oneself Unobtrusively
fancy clothes and accessories finery
moral upright Virtuous
not strict Indulgent
marked by decay or decline Decadent
in an imaginable or beleivable way Conceivably
not disturbed or troubled calm Serene
able to be perceived by the senses tangible
spread out widely in different dirrections Diffused
energetic activity exertion
causing worry or anxiety Worrisome
tormented by someting just out of reach tantalize
devoted to learning studious
an interior dividing wall partition
giving off light; shining bright luminous
obviously; clearly evidently
as a result consequently
the act of climbing down Descent
keep up Sustain
couting generations of family Descendents
too many to count Innumerable
few in number; not common Scarce
loving affecionate
a wonder; an unusually talented person prodigy
into stage preliminary
threatening harm or evil Sinister
agreement to a request Compliance
very harsh or strict rigorous
conceal or hide obscure
inward looking; thoughtful intospective
gave up renounced
at sametime Simultaneously
with doubt or disbelief Incredulously
Not possible to explain inexplicable
heavenly celestial
direct opposite antithesis
2 things that seem directly at odds paradoxes
the noting of differences between things Distinctions
people who flee from their homes in times of trouble refugees
sad; depressed melancholy
sensitive; sharp acute
clarity; awareness of detail distictness
stopped ceased
contempt; ridicule derision
Created by: HuskerChamp1