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Satyricon: vocab 1

Millionares DInner Party textbook

maestus a um sad
immineo imminere hang over
lautissimus a um most elegent
obliviscor oblivisci oblitum forget
officium duty
tango, tangere, tegigi, tactum to touch
sufficio sufficere sffeci suffectum to furnish, substitute
lautitae -arum elegance
principium beginning
concrepo -ere concrepui concrepitum snap
vestio-ire -ivi -itum dress
accedo accedere accessi accessum approach
auris ear
canto -are -avi -atum sing
libellus libelli notice
affigo affigere affixi affixum fix
plaga -ae lash
cavea -ae birdcage
pendo pendere pependi pensum hang
pica -ae magpie
varius -a -um variegated
crus cruris leg
frango frangere fregi fractum break
sinister -tra -trum left
catena -ae chain
vincio -ire vinxi vinctum tie, band
pingo -ere pinxi pictum paint
spiritus breath
conligo conligere conlegi conlectum gather
venalicium venalicii slave auction
titulus -i title
rationcinor ratiocinari ratiocinatus sum calculate
dispensator dispensatoris steward
tribunal tribulanis raised platform
cornu cornus horn
divitiae -arum riches
effundo effundere effudi effusum pour out
Created by: melissaunicorn