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Pharm Bingo 12/8

taken off the market, cause hepatotoxicity, antidiabetic drug thiazolidinediones
excessive urination, also signs of diabetes polyuria
diabetes glucose levels >126
drug mimics GH hormone somatropin
drug potent vasoconstrictor vasopressin
you would use this if diabetics are severe hypoglycemic & unconscious dextrose 50%
this is an intermediate insulin NPH
blood test for thyroid when a pituitary issue TSH
oldest group of antidiabetic and you dont give if allergic to sulfa sulfonylureas
short acting insulin regular
pituitary drug to manage nocturnal bed wetting and hemophilia demopressin
diabetic pregnancy gestation diabetes
only biguanide antidiabetic metformin
blood test shows blood sugar in last 3 months Hemoglobin A1C
most frequently used thyroid medication levothyroxine
fasting glucose is higher than 100 and less than 126 impaired fasting glucose level
mix insulin draw this up first clear insulin
excessive water intake polydipsia
no insulin in blood type 1 diabetes
super high blood sugar lead to comatose Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA)
stored in liver glycogen
thyroid replacement level at correct level, thyroird preparations are given to replace what the thyroid gland itself cannot produce to achieve normal thyroid hormone euthyroid condition
Created by: infamousjiggz