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theory of evolution

which is older a fossil at the top of the soil or a fossil at the bottom of the soil the bottom.
Prokaryotes were the first organisms known to have appeared on Earth. Around 1.5 billion years ago, another form of life, known as eukaryotes, evolved. To which of the following kingdoms did the first eukaryotes most likely belong? Protista
Examine the timeline below. Which of the following events best fits the missing information on the timeline? evolution of first multicellular organisms
Organisms with traits that are well-suited to an environment tend to survive and reproduce at a greater rate than organisms that are less suited to an environment. This phenomena is known as _______. natural selection
John Baptiste Lamarck believed that anatomical features could increase or decrease in size over the course of a lifetime due to excessive use or disuse, and these changes could be passed on to an organism's offspring. Is Lamarck's hypothesis accurate? It is true that certain anatomical structures change in size according to use, but these changes cannot be passed on to the organism's offspring.
In 1858, two scientists proposed the evolutionary theory of natural selection. One man was named Alfred Russel Wallace. Who was the other scientist? Charles Darwin
Which of the following statements is definitely true? The magma occurred after the formation of rock layers 2 - 6.
Look at the organisms in the illustration above. Which of the following organisms are most closely related evolutionarily? starfish and sand dollar
The Earth consists of a variety of different organisms. Despite their diversity, however, some similarities on the structural and metabolic levels may be seen. These similarities can be attributed to similarities among organisms in their proteins and nucleic acids.
In 1668, an Italian doctor by the name of Francesco Redi conducted an important experiment.In his experiment, he placed rotten meat in two sets of jars. He then covered one set of jars with cloth. After several days, the jars without cloth were filled wit spontaneous generation spontaneous generation
Which of the following is the most likely side effect of the overusage of pesticides? Pesticide-resistant pests will survive, reproduce and flourish.
No single rock sequence records the entire history of life on Earth. Paleontologists must compare fossils in rock sequences in one area with fossils in rock sequences in other areas in order to relate the sequences with one another. What is the term de fossil correlation
The diagram below shows several fossilized remains that were discovered at an archaelogical dig site. natural selection
Scientists know that organisms that are more closely related will have DNA sequences more similar to each other than organisms that are distantly related. Which two organisms below would most likely have the fewest similar nucleotide sequences in a given alligator and earthworm
The fossil record shows that the forelimbs of humans, cats, dolphins, and bats have the same skeletal elements. These skeletal elements have evolved into different shapes and sizes based on their function. For example, the flipper of a dolphin is adapted These four species are distantly related and share a common ancestor.
In order to determine the relative age of the above fossil, scientists should compare its location to rock layers that are positioned above and below it.
The graph above shows the frequency distribution of a population of fish before and after scientists engaged in a breeding program over many generations. Which of the following explanations best describes the program? The average size of the population increased because the scientists selected for larger individuals.
Scientists have determined that cyanobacteria have been in existence for approximately 3.5 billion years. What evidence do they have to support their theory? fossil records found in the stromatolites
Earth's current atmosphere is approximately 21 percent oxygen. On early Earth, however, virtually no free oxygen existed in the atmosphere. Where did the free oxygen in Earth's atmosphere come from? It was released during photosynthesis performed by ocean-dwelling bacteria.
The skeletons of a saber tooth tiger and a present-day tiger are shown above. Which of the following is a structural difference between the saber tooth and the present-day tiger? all of these
Several species of finch live on the Galapagos Island. They are very similar in appearance, but have adapted beaks of different sizes and shapes based on their major food source. Finches with large beaks eat mainly large seeds and cacti. Finches with smal Evolution through natural selection can increase the species diversity of an ecosystem.
In 1858, two scientists proposed the evolutionary theory of natural selection. One man was named Alfred Russel Wallace. Who was the other scientist? Charles Darwin
An index fossil is a fossil of an organism that lived during a relatively short, well-defined time span. For what purpose do geologists use index fossils? to date a rock layer and other fossils within that layer
How does comparing physiological similarities of living species provide evidence of evolution? I only
Created by: Thomas Miller