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JR's Jeopardy Test 4

Fundamentals Nutrition, Special Nutrition, Elimination, Hodgepodge

hypertonic enemas are contraindicated in these patients renal impairment due to phosphates
what type of enema would you use for a fecal impaction oil retention enema
this is used for short term enteral feedings of less than 4 weeks nasogastric tube
used to confirm a newly placed NG tube x-ray
when a patient has a small amount of liquid stool a few times a day but no real bowel movement for 5 days you might suspect, fecal impaction
what the opening of the colostomy is called stoma
diversion of the colon to the skin colostomy
how food is moved along the intestine peristalsis
name two ways to determine ng placement after the x-ray aspirate ph or visualization and tube markings
type of feeding used if the peg is a J tube which is placed in the small intestine continuous feeding
mass peristalsis sweeps occur how many times in a 24 hour period 1-4 times
medulla and spinal cord what governs the reflex to defecate
how often is residual checked in a continuous enteral feeding every 4-6 hours
9 k/cal per gram fat
liquid fat that is hydrogenated trans fat
fat soluble vitamins a, d, e, k vitamins
difficulty swallowing dysphagia
test to determine short term malnutrition pre albumin
what two vitamins do bacterial action produce in the large intestine vitamin k and b complex
direct manipulation of the bowel during abdominal surgery inhibits peristalsis causing this paralytic illeus
Created by: infamousjiggz