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Greek/Latin Terminology Translations Root/Suffix Meanings

RootMeaning Origin Language English Derivative
a/an- without, not, lacking Greek adiabatic, agnostic, ahistorical, amoral, anaemia, anaesthesia, anhydrous, anonymous, apathy, asymmetric, asymptote, atrophic
ab- away from Greek abnormal, abrasion, absent, abstain, abstract, aversion
abac- reckoning-board, used for counting votes Greek abacus, abaculus, abax
abyss- bottomless Greek abyss, abyssal, abyssocottidae, abyssopelagic
agalmato- glory, delight, honor, statue Greek agalmatolite, Agalmatophilia
agath- good Greek agathism, agathodaemon, kalokagathia
agap- fraternal love Greek agape, agapanthus, agapanthaceae
agau- illustrious; noble Greek agave, agavaceae
acanth(o)- spiny, thorn plant Greek
acr(o)- extremity or height, tip, top, apex, pointed
aden(o)- gland
are(o)- air, atmosphere
agogue- leading, leader, course, withdrawing agent
agr(o)- soil or crop production, field, earth
ant(o)- duck
alg(o)- pain
all(o)- other, departure from normal
alt(i)- high
amb(i)- both
armour- love, loved
ancyl(o)- hook, joint, fused, stiff, bent, crooked, curved
andro- male, men, man, stamen, masculine
anemo- wind Greek
angio- vessel, container Greek angiosperm, angiocardiography, angiodysplasia, angiogenesis, angiogram, angiography, angioma, angiopathy, angioplasty, angiosperma, angiostatin, angiotensin,
ana- up, again, throughout, back
anhydr- waterless, arid
aniso- unequal, dissimilar, uneven, unbalance
an(o)- up, upper, upward
antero- front, fore, forward
anthno- flower
anthrope- human
ant(i)- against, opposite of, counter
angel- messenger Greek angel, archangel, evangelist
aeto- eagle
avi(o)- flying, flight
argent- silver
aulos- pipes
ante- before, previous, beginning
aeon- being, life, age, forever
anser- goose
anuro- no tail
apostasia- go away, depart from
anesthesia- lack of sensation, want of feeling, no sensation, insensibility under surgical treatment, sensation, feeling
apeir(o)-, aperion- infinite, unlimited
axi- axis
ancon- elbow
agor- marketplace
agra- seizure, trap
anch- a press tight, strangle, throttle, choke
ag- i drive, lead
adamant- unconquerable, diamond
adelph- bother
adelo- unknown, obscure
adiaphor- indifferent
adyt- not to be entered
aerob(i)- living in air
aed- distasteful, unpleasant
aech(o)- without sound
ather- gruel
athlet- contestant in the games, sport, prize, reward, gift, souvenir
aithal- soot
aither- massless medium
aigagr- wild goat
aigial- beach, seashore
aiki- torture, suffering, severe pain
ailuro- feline
aipin- high, lofty
aipy- high and steep, utter
aesthetic- of sense-perception, sensitive, perceptive
aiskhun- I dishonor, shame
aiti- cause
aichm- point of a spear
aioni- lasting for an age
akaki- harmlessness
acalyph- stinging-nettle
acanth- thorn plant
acar- a kind of mite
acatalekt- not incomplete, incessant
acephal- headless
aclin- unswerving, without inclination
acm- highest point, facial eruption
acoluth- follower
acon#2- whetstone
acoust- hear, sound
acro- edge, topmost, tip, top, apex, pointed
actino- ray
alabastr- a variety of mineral
allantoeid- sausage-shaped
alethe- truth
alexa,alexis- to ward off, to defend, defender
aleuro- flour, meal
aleiph- I anoint with oil
alc- strong
allotrop- strange
alyss- a plant believed to cure rabies
alpha- 1st letter of the alphabet
alopek- fox
amazon- female warrior
amaurosi- blacken
ambly- dim
ambrot- immortal
ambyx- cup
ambon- raised edge
amethyst- not intoxicating
ametro- without measure
amiant- undefined
ammo- sand
amnesia- oblivion
amn- lamb
amoeb- change
amorpho- shapeless
amyl- starch
amygd- almond tree
amph(i)- on both side
amphibol- throw on either side, to doubt, doubtful
amphibi- living a double life
amphibrachy- short at both ends
amphitheatr- theater
amphictyoni- religious alliance
amphimacr- long at both ends
amphore- bearer
amphoter#2- each of two
anaba- go up
anabaptis- dip repeatedly
anabio- putting off, delaying
anaglyp- putting wrought in low relief
anagram- transpose the letters of one word so as to form another
anagog- spiritual uplift, reference to a principle
anadrom- running up
anathemat- accursed
anacli- to lean back
anacolouthi- inconsequence
anacrusi- push back, beginning of a tune
analgesi- painlessness
analeg- gather
anathemat- accursed
anacli- to lean back
anacolouthi- inconsequence
anacrusi- push back, beginning of a tune
analgesi- painlessness
analeg- gather
analeimmat- support
analept- restorative
analcim- weak
analogi- proportion
analog- proportionate, conformable
analy- loosen, simplify
analphabet- uneducated
anamnesi- recollection, reminiscence
anamorphosi- transformation
anakt- lord, master, king
anapaist- anapestic verse
anaplast- remolded
anaplerotic- filling up
anapno- respiration, breathing
anapodeict- not proved
anaptyxi- expansion, explanation
anarthr- not articulated
anastomo- I furnish with a mouth, open up
anastreph- to turn back
anata- stretch
anatomy- incision, dissection
anatrop- to reverse
anaphor- mention, recount, refer
anaphylak- guard
anachronis- wrong time reference
anachore- go back, retire
anecdot- unpublished
anergi- cessation from work
aneurusm- dilation
anthologi- collection of extracts
anthracit- kind of coal
anthr- coal
ani- to go up
annes- dill
anod- way up
anom- lawless
anorg- not wrathful
anorec-,anorexi- lack of appetite
anortho- sloping
antagonis- struggle against, prove a match for
antidote- to give as a remedy against
antinom- contradiction between laws
antipath- of opposite feelings
antipod- the opposite foot, diametrically opposed
antisep- make to putrefy in turn
antistroph- to invert
antithe- to oppose
antiphra- speak the opposite
antiphon- sounding in answer
antr- cave, cavity
antonym- to have an opposite denomination
anomal- ueven
anonymous- nameless
anophel- unprofitable, useless
axio- worthy
axon,axi- axis
aorist- indefinite
aort- the great artery
apathe- without feeling
apax- once
apat- deceit
apogei- far from the earth
apodict- demonstrable
apodo- to give back
apothemat- something laid down
apotheosi- deification
apothec- storehouse
apocalyp- to reveal
apocop- cut off
apocrin to set apart
apocryp to hide away
apolog apology
apomixi without mixing
aponeur to become tendinous
apoplex,apoplec cripple by a stroke
apor impassable
apostat defector
apostol send away
apostroph turn away
apotropa something that averts evil
apod without feet
apopha to say no
apophtheng,apotheg to speak plainly
apophu- grow out like a shoot
apo- away, off, from, asunder, without
aqua- water, light blueish/greenish color or liquid
arch- cheif
archi- foremost, early, ancient, old, primitive
archy- ruler, government, authority
archeo- primitive, ancient, old, prehistoric, antique, beginning
arson- fire
argent- silver
areo- the planet mars
arterio- arty
arthrο- joint
arthrosi- articulation
arithmo- number
aristo- best, excellence, great, magnificent
arcti- bear
arctur- bear ward
arm- joint, shoulder
arrythmi- lack of rhythm
artio- even number
architecton- chief builder
archont- ruler
aromato- spice
asthen- weakness
asthmato- asthma
asparag- asparagus
aspid- shield
astero- star
astro- star, celestial space, constellation, star-shaped
astigmati- without focus
astragal- vertebra, knucklebone
asyl- sanctuary
asphyxi- stopping of the pulse
atmo- air, vapor
atom- uncut
atoni- slack
atrop- inexorable
authentic- original, old fashion
auster- harsh, bitter
austro- south
autarchi- absolute governing
autark- self sufficiency
autochthon- of the land itshelf
autopsi- a seeing for oneself
auto- self, same, one, oneself
audio - hearing, sound
aux- to increase
aphaire- take away
aphan- unseen
aphat- speechless
aphe- to let go
achen- without yawning
achat- agate
achrοmato- without color
apsinthi- alcoholic liqueur
apsid- arch
amphi- both or two
ankylo- hook, joint, fused, stiff or bent
apato- deceptive
avi-, avis- bird
bacci- berry
bac-,bacteri- staff, cane, stick, rod-shaped
baro-,bary- weight, pressure
batho- depth
bactro- baton or club
baga- little
bal,ballist- throw
baptis- dip, immerse, cleanse
barbaro- stranger, a non-greek
baru- heavy
basil- king
basi- walk, go, at the botom
batrach- frog
bdell- leech
bene- good, well, great, spectacular
bellu- beautiful
bi- twice, two
biblo- book
bin- twice, two at a time
bio- life
blasto- sprout, germ, embryo, bud, cell with nucleus
blephar- eyelid
brachio- arm
brachy- short
brady- slow
branchio- gills
bronto- thunder
bov- cow, ox, bull
bou- ox
bromo- stink, stench, clangor, odor, musty smell
bronch- windpipe
caco- bad
cade- procession
calli- beautiful
calypt-, calyps- cover
calori- heat
carpi- furit
bellu- beautiful
bi- twice, two
biblo- book
bin- twice, two at a time
caco- bad
cade- procession
calli- beautiful
calypt-,calyps- cover
calori- heat
carpi- goat
cardio- heart
carpo#1- fruit
carpo#2- wrist
carno- flesh, meat
cata- down, against, back, according to, through, entirely, and mis
calamo- reed
camara- chamber
cata- down, against, back, according to, through, entirely, and mis
centi- hundred
cephalo- head
cerat-,cera-,ceras-,cero#1- horn
cero#2- wax
chaeto- hair
chalco- copper
chem- chemistry, chemical
chiro- hand
chlor- green, midori, verdant, celadon, mint,
chole- bile, gall
chondrio- cartilage
chorio- chorion,choriod
chrom- color, colored, pigmented, pigment
chromato- color, colored, pigmented, pigment
chrono- time
chryso- gold
cide- to kill, killer, murder, destroy, annihilate, obliterate, execute, dispatch, eradicate, decimate, mutilate
clino- slope
coel- cavity
colous- inhabiting
clino- slope
coel- cavity
colous- inhabiting
copro- dung, filth, obscenity
cosmo- order, jewel, world, universe
costo- rib
clast- broken
claustro- confined close spaces
coulro- clown
certificate- name
chryso- orange
cibo- orange
cion- column or pillar
cneme- lower leg or shin bone
carchar- jagged
clao- break or crush
ceno- new
chresemo-,chresema- useful, style,
cranium- skull
comrade- ally, friend, colleague
contra- against
con- with
cirrh- yellow
cleon- glory
cleopatra- glory of the father
comas- order, decency
cele- pouching, hernia
cryo- ice cold
crypto- hidden, secret
crystal- ice, glass
crystallo- crystal
cteno- comb
cule- small, tiny, little
cyano- dark blue
cyclo- cycle
cymo- wave
cyto- cell
cyrus(1)- far sighted, young
cyrus(2)- bronze, copper, brass
crat- ruler, member of a ruler body
clast- broken
claustro- confined close spaces
coulro- clown
certificate- name
chryso- orange, sunset
cibo- orange, sunset
cion- column or pillar
cneme- lower leg or shin bone
carchar- jagged
clao- break or crush
ceno- new
cranium- skull
comrade- ally, friend, colleague
comas- order, decency
cele- pouching, hernia
cteno- comb
cule- small, tiny, little
cyano- dark blue, cobalt, azure
cyclo- cycle
cymo- wave
cyto- cell
coulro- clown
certificate- name
chryso- orange
cibo- orange
cion- column or pillar
cneme- lower leg or shin bone
carchar- jagged
clao- break or crush
ceno- new
comrade- ally, friend, colleague
cleopatra- glory of the father
comas- order, decency
cele- pouching, hernia
cteno- comb
cule- small, tiny, little
cyano- dark blue, blue
cyclo- cycle
cymo- wave
cyto- cell
cyan-, cynic- dog
cyber- computer, computer network, virtual reality
compos- elegant
campto- flexible
campylo- bent
dactylo- finger, toe, digit
deca-, dec-, deka-, dek- ten
deci- tenth
demi- half
dem-,demo- people
demon- the people, evil spirit, divinity
dermato- skin
deutero- second
dextro- right
divine- godlike, heavenly
di- two, twice, double
dia- thoroughly, compellingly, passing through
diabalos- devil
didymus-,didymos- twin
dicho- in two parts, in pairs
dino- fearfully great, terrible
dis- apart, asunder, or having privacy
dolicho- long or narrow
doxa- fame, glory
draco- serpent, snake
dragon- a snake, serpent
drome-, dromeus-, dromeo- running, course, race course
diplo- double or in pair
docus- beam, bar or shaft
duo- two
dyna- power
dys- ill, bad
dacruo- tear
dasy- thick, dense
delta- the 4th letter of the alphabet
deltio- small writing tablet
delphin- dolphin
demniun- bed
dendro-,dendri- tree
diet- way of life
deacon- servant, messenger
didasc- I teach
diegesi- narration, narrative
dioicesi- housekeeping, management
dioptr-- spy-glass
diphther- I teach
dox- opinion, praise
drasi- action
dun- power, strength, force
ecclesio- chruch
echino(1)- sea urchin
echino(2)- spiny
eco- household, environment
ecto- outer, outside, external, exterior
ectomy- excision (of specified part)
elasmo-,elasma- metal plated or elastic, like thin, beaten metal
elmi- foot
electro- electric or electricity
elin- oil
ellipsi- ellipse
embryo- formation, forming, develop, developing, development
emphas- emphasis
en- enter, in, into
endo- within, inside, interior
energ- energy
entero- intestine
entomo- insect, bug
ego- i, me, my, myself
eo- primeval, dawn, east
eon- ages, years
century- one hundred years
epi- upon, on, over, near, at, before, after
epigraph- title, inscription
episco- overseer
epistem- good knowledge (science)
erg- action, deed, practice, work
epi- upon, on, over, near, at, before, after
episco- overseer
eu- good, well
epistem- good knowledge (science)
eury- wide
erg- action, deed, practice, work
erythro- red, crimson
ethno-- race, culture, people
etym- true
felis, feline- cat
eu- good, well
febri- fever
eury- wide
exo- outerside, outer, external, exterior
ennea- nine
eth- moral
felis-,feline- cat
febri- fever
fer- bearing
ferous- bearing, producing, yielding, containing, conveying
ferri- iron
ferro- iron
fibero- fiber
fic- making, producing, causing, creating, developing, happening
fid- divided, lobed, to split, cut, saw off, chop, slash, disect
for- away, off, to the uttermost, extremely, wrongly
fy- to make, cause to be, render
gala- milk
galactic- milk or milky
galaxias- milky circle
galacto- milk
galaxy- milky way
galeos- shark
gad- cod
galea- galley
galion- bedstraw
gamma- 7th word of the alphabet
gam-, gamy- marriage
gamo- united
gangli- subcutaneous tumour
gangraina- gangrene
gano- bright
gastero-, gastro- stomach
gen- birth, born, offspring
genic- producing
geny- origin
geo- the earth
gernto- oldage
geran- crane
gno- to know
gigant- huge, enormous
glauco- blue-green, gray
glio- gluey
glott-,glotto- tongue, language
glouto- buttock
glyph-,glypho- carving, carved work, word
geno- male or female, gender, sex
glyc(o)- sweet, sugar
gloch(i)- arrow-head
gnath(o)-, gnathus- jaw
gnome- thought, opinion
gnomon- inspector, indicator
goet- witchcraft, charm, jugglery, wizard , sorcerer, groan, bewail , a charm , to bewitch, beguile
gomph- bolt
gnomy-,gnosis- knowledge
gon- angled, angular
gono- sexual, reproductive
gony- production, genesis, origination
grade- step, walk, go
gram- something written, record
graph- write, writing, drawing, draw, recording instrument
grapho- writing
graphy- drawing, writing, representing, recording, describing
gryp- griffin
gymno- naked, bare, exposed, opened, nude
gyneco- female
gyno- female, woman
gyro- ring, circle, spiral
hade- hell, the grave, underworld, unseen, the unseen, land of the dead, god of the underworld
hadro- large
halo- sea, salt
hagio- saint, holy
haplo- simple, single
hecto- hundred
hedron- face
helio- sun
hemo-,hemato- blood
hendeca- eleven
hept(a)- seven
here- this place, this time
hem(i)- half
hernio- hernia
hemera- day
herpeto(1)- reptiles
hepato liver
harmon- agreement, harmony
herbi- grass, plant, leaves
hero- protector, defender, to protect, to defend, guardian, a great brave warrior, warrior
heis- to throw
hertro- different, other, mixed
hemera- day, evening
heesperos- evening
herpeto(2)- creeping animal
hedy-,hedus-,hedu- sweet
hexa- six
halcyon- kingfisher
hal-,halo(1)- sea, salt
halluc- I flee from, shun, avoid, escape, to dream, be deceived
halo#2- round shape, the disk of the sun
hiero- sacred, sacred carving, writing
hippo- horse
histo- tissue
histor- history
hilario- cheerful
holo- whole, entire
homeo- similar
homo- same
homer- hostage, pledge
horo- season, hour
hyalo- glass
hydro- water
hyeto- rain
hygro- wet, moist, moisture
hyginus- heathly
hygiene- sound, healthy, strong
hylo- wood, matter
hymeno- membrane
hypacro- top
hyper- over, above, too much
hypno- sleep, drowsy, sleepy
hypo- under, below, too less
hypatia- highest, supreme
hypselo-,hypsi- high
hypso- height, altitude
hyaina-,hys- pig, hog, swine
hysteria,- hystreo- uterus, womb
iatro- healer, medicine, healing, physician
idio- one’s own, private
iatry- medical care, treatment
icthyo- fish
icono- image, picture, portrait
ichno- trace
ideo- idea, thought, plan
idio- proper to one, peculiar
infra- below, under
inter- between, among
intra- within
intro- within
ing- one belonging to, of the kind of, one descended from
io- go
icle- small
ism- condition of, the act, state, theory of
iso- equal, alike, identical
iris- rainbow
itis- inflammation
ium- tissue, structure
im- not
juxta- beside, near, close, near by
chasmo- yawning hollow
chaos- primal emptiness
chiono- snow
chorei- dance
choreo- dance
chri- anoint
karyo- nucleus of cell
kentro- sharp point, spur
kirko- ring, circle
kilo- thousand
krito- chosen, separated
kurios- lord
kybernetes- to steer, steersman, governor
labio- lip
lacto- milk
lagnia- coition
latry- worship
lao- people, human
le-,lo- to say
lepsy- seizure
lepto- thin, fine, slight
lemma- assumption, premiss
less- without
lexi- word
leuco- white
levo- left
lipo- fat
litho- stone, callus
loc-,loco- from place to place
kirko- ring, circle
kilo- thousand
krito- chosen, separated
kurios- lord
kybernetes- to steer, steersman, governor
labio- lip
lacto- milk
lagnia- coition
latry- worship
lao- people, human
lepsy- seizure
lepto- thin, fine, slight
lemma- assumption, premiss
less- without
lexi- word
leuco- white
levo- left
lipo- fat
litho- stone, callus
loco- from place to place
logo- thought, word, speech, study
logy- study of, science of, knowledge of, branch of
lemma- assumption, premiss
luni- moon
lycan-, lycanthrope- wolf human, werewolf, part/half wolf, part/half human
lyco-, lycus- wolf
lys-, lysis- loosening, decomposition, break, loosen, dissolve
lystro- shovel
machy- fighting
macro- bug, large, long, great, excessive, enormous, huge
magni- large, great
mal- bad, wrongful, ill
malaco- soft
mancy- divination
mania- excited, spirited, exaggerated desire, enthusiastic, love for, passion
masto- breast
matri- mother
maxi- very long, very large
medi- middle
medico- medical
mega-,megal- great, large, big
megalo- bigness, exaggeration, extravagance
mech- machine
melano- black, pigmented, ink
meno- month
mero-, merous-, merus- part, particle, portion
mes-,meso- middle
meta- after, along with, beyond, among, behind
metallo- metal
meter(1)-, metr-, metero(1)-, meteric- meter, measure, measurement instrument
meter(2)- mother
metero(2)- uterus
micro- small, tiny, little, short
mid- middle
milli- thousand
millennium- one thousand years
mini- very short, very small, very tiny, short, tiny, light weight, on a small scale
mimus- mimic
mio- less
mne- memory
mono- alone, single, one, forsaken
moro- dull
morpho- form, shape
multi- many, multiple, many time, much, more than one, more than two
mycetes- fungi
myceto- fungus
myco- fungus
mycosis- fungal infection
myelo- marrow, of spinal cord
my(o)- muscle
myri-, myraid- countless, ten thousand
myth(o)- myth, story, legend, urban legend
myxo- mucus
masso- long, bulky
nano- dwarf, tiny, very small
narco- stupor, narcosis
naso- nose
necro- dead, corpse, death, physical death
nemato- thread
nectar- drink of the gods
neo- new, young, recent, fresh
nepho- cloud
nephro- kidney
neuro- nerve, sinew, tendon
neutro- neutral
nemesis- to give what is due
nomo- custom, law
nomy- distribution, arrangement, management
nodo- knotted, lumpy
nono- not
noso- disease
noto- node, nodules
notos- south
nycho- clawed
nychus- clawed
nyco- night, dark
naut- sailor, ship
ob- toward, on, to, over, against
obeso-, obesity- gaining weight
hor- limit, boundary
gyro- turn, turning, rotate, rotating, rotation
helico- spiral, rotary wing
octa- eight
odonto- tooth
odyno- pain
-oid resembling, like
ol- alcohol, phenol
oligo- few, little, some
omni- all
onto- being, existing
onyx- claw, talon, nail, hook
-onym name, word
oo- egg
oophro- ovary
opia- sight, visual organ
ops- face, eye
opsis- appearance, sight
ophthalmic-, ophthalmo- eye, view, sight
opt-, opto- optic, vision, eye, view, sight
orchido- orchid, testicle
orexia- desire, appetite
organ- tool, instrument
organo- organ (of the body), organic
ornith-, ornitho- bird
oramato- sight
onco- mass, bulk
oro(1)- mountain
oro(1)- mouth
ose- giving to, like
osis- abnormal condition, increase
osm- smell
opistho- at the back, behind
osto- bone
ot-, oto- ear
ov-, ova-, ovu-, ovi(1)- egg
ovy-, oxa-, oxi-, oxo-, oxy- sharp, acute, keen, pointed, acid, sour, tart
ou- not
ozo- smell
pachy- thick
potam-, patamos- river
paleo- old, ancient, prehistoric
pan- all
para- guard against, protect against, defend against, alongside of, by, past, beyond, against, altered, contrary, from, against, contrary to, on forth
parous- bearing, producing
patho- suffering, disease, feeling, feel, hurt
parti- father
paid- boy, child
paideia- education, culture
penia- decrease
pedate- having a foot or feet
pedti- pedate
pedi- foot, feet
pedo(1)- child
pedo(2)- soil
pene- almost
penta- five
per- through, thoroughly, utterly, very
peri- about, around, beyond
petro- rock, stone
pexy- fixation
phage-, phago-, phagous- eating, devouring, consuming, feeding on
phanes- appearing
phany- appearance
phalang- phalanges- close formation of troops, fingers bones , toes bones
pharmaco- drug, medicine
pharmakon- magic spell, remedy
phemi- speak
pheno- shining
phagia- swallowing
philia- attraction for
palagio- oblique
philo- loving, friend, companion, friendly, caring, friendship
phobia- irrational fear, sacred, afraid, dread, terrify, fear of, afraid of , sacred of, terrified of
pha- to say
phaino-, pheino- to appear
dacryo- tear
hydno- truffle
hygien- soundness, health
hyla-, hyle-, hylo- wood, forest
phono- sound, voice
phos-,photo- light
phreno- mind, heart
physic- nature
phyco- seaweed, algae
phyllo- leaf
phyllous- having leaves, leaved
phylo- race, tribe, kind
physo- bladder
phyto- plant
picro- bitter
plagio- oblique
plano(1)- flat, plane
plano(2)- moving, capable of movement
plasia- plasmic growth, formation
plast- formed, molded
plastic- to form, to mold
plasto- formed, molded
plasty- surgical repair, reconstruction
platy- flat, board
pleuro- side, rib, lateral, pleura
plio- more
pheutamo- air, breath, spirit
pod- foot
bronchi- lung
pistrix- sea monster
polis-, pole-, poli- city, village
post- after, behind, later, subsequent to, posterior to, posterior
phore- bearer, thing, part bearing something
potent-,potency-,potential- power, strength, ability, powerful, capable
pre- before, prior to, in advance of, early, before hand, in front of
pro- before, prior to, in advance of, early, before hand, in front of
proto- first, foremost, earliest form of, earliest, soon
prtero- earlier, before, former
preno- sloping
peira- attack, assault
piri- experience
pleio-,pleo- more, abundance, to be full
pol- axis, sky
pragma- thing done, fact
presbyter- elder, older
program-, programmer-, programmato- proclamation, agenda
peloro- monstrous
physis- form
placo- board, flat
plateo- flat
psal- to play, twang
psammo- sand
psepho- pebble
pseudo- false, pretended, illusion, fake, phony, fake, unreal, counter-fit, imposter, fiction, fictional, a falsity
pogon- beard
pselaph- to grope about
psilo- mere, bare, smooth
psoa- muscles of the loin
psych-, psycho- ill, mind, breath, spirit, soul
psychro- cold
psittaco- parrot
petro- ,pteron-, pterous-, pteryx- wing, feather, winged, fin, fern
purpur- purple
pycno- dense, close, thick
pyelo- pelvis
pyo- pus
pyro- fire
gonad- an organ that produces sex cells, testis, ovary
quadri- four
quinque- five
radio- radio, radium, radioactive, radiant energy, radius,
raptor- robber, plunder
re- again, again and again, repeat, start over, back, backward, reverse
reni- kidney
retro- backward, behind, after
rex- king
rhabd- rod
rhapsod- reciter of Epic poetry
rheo- flow, a flowing, current, stream, river
rhetor- art of speech
rheumato- flow, a flowing, current, stream, river
rhino- nose, snout
rhizo- root
rhodo- rose, red
rrhagia- bursting forth
rrhapy- suture
rrhea- flow, flux, discharge
rhomale- robust, strong, powerful, bold
rhombus- spinning top
ruby- red
rhipe- throw, swing, whirl, twirl
etio- cause
sacchar- sugar
sacro- flesh
sapphire- blue
sapro- rotten
saro-, saur-, sauro-, saurus- lizard, reptile, amphibian
schizo- split, cut, incision
scleno- hard, difficult, intense
scope-, scopy- observer, observe, instrument for examination, examining tool instrument
schol- school, scholar, leisure, academy, university, college, seminary, conservatory, institute, faculty, department
segno- slow
semi- half
scheme- shape, form
seric- silk
servo- slave, servant
sidro(1)- iron
sidro(2)- star
sipho- tube, siphon
soma-, somato- body
soni- sound
sophy- science of
clone- branch, twig
sermato- seed
sapphire- true blue
spasm- involuntary contraction
segno- slow
stasis- stop, stand
sito- orange
solo- single, alone, oneself
soli(1)- alone
soli(2)- sun
solon- wisdom
soptto- skilled, clever
spino- thorn, backbone
suchus- crocodile
spondyl- vertebra
steno- narrow, close, slender
strepto- reversed
struthio- ostrich
spermo- seed, germ, semen
stearo-, steato- fat, tallow
stereo- solid
stetho- chest
stomato- mouth
stylo- column, pillar, tube
super- above, beyond, excessive
syn- same, together, with, by means of
stratos- army
stauros- cross
scythe- common fate
sub- below, under
sept- seven
tachiso-, tachy- swiftest, swift, fast, fastes
tacho- speed
tali- ankle
tauro- bull
tauto- same
taxi- arrangement
techno- art, skill
tele(1)- distant, transmission over a distance
tele(2)- end, complete
ter- thrice
terarto- monster
tetra- four
thallasso- sea, ocean
thaumato- miracle, wonder
theo- god
thermo- hot, heat
theron- hunter
thrombo- clot ( of blood)
tomo- a cut, section
tomy- a cutting, incision
copter- wing
trans- across, beyond, changing thoroughly, transverse
trapezo- table, trapezium
tri- three
toxic-,toxico- poison, poisonous, fatal
topo-,topia- place
tri- three
trio- three
tribo- fraction
trichio- hair
tropic-, tropho-, tropo-, trophic-, trophy- nourishment, growth, food, of the turning of the sun, tropical
typ-, typo- poke, beat
tops- eye, face
tro- wound
turri- tower, building
turbo- maximum, increase
topaz- yellow gold
tyranno- tyrant
character- person
ultra- extreme
urus- tail
ula- small
ule- small
ulent- abounding in
ulous- tending to
un- not
uni- one
urano- heavens
urgy- work
uria- urine
uro(1)- urine
uro(2)- tail
thanat- death, demise
vaso- vessel
vitri- glass
vivi- living, alive
vore- eating, eater, eaters
veloci- speedy
venator- hunter
wander- planets
xantho- yellow
xeno- alien, strange, stranger, guest
xero- dry
xiph- sword
xy- scrape
xyl- wood
xylo- wood
y- condition, process of
zel- zeal
zelo- jealousy
zete- search, inquire
zoo- living being, animal
zygo- yoke, yoked, yoke-shaped
zymo- ferment, leaven, fermentation
zon- belt
zoe- life
zopyros- glowing
a- without
circum- around
con- with
contra- against
dis- separate from, apart
ec- away, out
exo- outside, outer
heter- different
im- not
immun- safe, protected, guarded
in- not
infra- below, under
para- alongside of, abnormal
peri- around
jaden- teenager
yuki- courage
pluto- rich one
pluton - the rich one
vasilissa- queen
polio- gray
rube- red
sub- below, under
supra- above, excessive
sym- same
antagonist- enemy, foe, villain
protagonist- hero
asthenia- without, strength
cele- pregnancy
cynia- pain
ectasis- expansion, dilation
ectomy- removal
emia- blood condition
genic- origin, production
ia- condition of
gly- made of, like
alphabe-t letter
geno- birth, born, well-born, noble, offspring
agogos-, agein- to lead, to direct, to incite
agon-, agonia- struggle, contest
sym-,syl-,sys- same, together, with, by means of
taphos- tomb, bury
therapy- to cure, nurse
thesis- position
topo- place, local, location, setting
typos- type, figure, model
onoma- name
onym- name
optic- eye, view, sight
phainein- to show, be visible, to be present, prof, on sight
physio-, physis- nature
seismo- earthquake
sphero- sphere, ball, layer of gas
osis- state, condition, action
actino- ray
acoustic- hear, hearing, sound
dict- to say
duc- to lead, bring, take
gress- to walk
ject- to throw
pel- to drive
pend- to hang
port- to carry
scrib-, script- to write
tract- to pull, drag, draw
vert- to turn
co- together
de- away, off, reversal, removal
dis- not, not any
inter- between, among
non- not
able-, ible- capable, worthy of
fy-, ify- to make, cause to become
logue-, log- speech, discourse, to speak
ab-, a-, abs- away abnormal, abrasion, absent, abstain, abstract, aversion
acid- sour acupuncture
acute- sharp
acri- sharp, pungent, bitter
acro- height, summit, tip
ad-, a-, ac-, af-, ag-, al-, ap-, ar-, as-, at- movement to or toward; in addition to
acro- extremity, height, summit, tip
adip- fat
agr(i)-, egr(i)- crop production, field, culture
am-, amat-, amor- love, loved
amb(i)- both, on both sides
amic-, imic- friend
amphi- around, about, both, on both sides of, both kinds
ampl- ample
an-, a- not, without
ana-, an- again, against, back, up, upper, through out
andro- man, male, masculine
anemo wind
anima breath
ann, enn year, yearly
ant, anti against, opposed to, preventive
ante-, anti- before, in front of, prior to
anth-, antho flower
apo- before, in front of, prior to, against
aqu- water
ar(1)- plow, till
ar(2)- be dry, parched
arche-, archi- ruler
archaeo-, archeo- prehistoric, ancient, old, antique, beginning
arcto- bear
audi- hearing, listening, sound
aug-, auct- grow, increase
auri- ear
avi- bird, flight, flying, self, same
axio- merit, worth
ab-, a-, abs- away
be-, beat- bless
bell(i)- war
ab-, a-, abs- away
be-, beat- bless
belli- war
bib- drink
blenno- slime
boni- good
bor north
botan plant
bov cow, bull, ox
bucc- cheek, mouth, cavity
bulb- bulbous
bull- bubble, flask
burs- pouch, purse
cad-, cid-, cas- fall
caed-, cid-, caes-, cis- cut
calc- lime, stone,
calyp- cover
camer- vault
camp- field, level ground
cani- dog
can-,cin-,cant- sing
cand- glowing, iridescent
cap-,cip-,capt-,cept- hold, take
capit-,cipit- head
capr- goat
caps- box, case
carbo- coal
carcer- jail
carcin- cancer (disease)
cardin- hinge
carp- wrist
caten- chain
cathar- pure
caud- tail
caus-, -cus- cause or motive
cav- hollow
ced-, cess- go
celer- quick
cen(o)- new
ceno#2- empty
cens- to estimate
centen- hundred each
centesim- hundredth
centr- center, needle, spur
ceram- clay
cern- sift
cervic- neck
ceter- other
chelono- tortoise, turtle
chord- cord, rope
cili eyelash
cine- motion
ciner- ash
cing-, cinct- gird
circ- circle
circum- around
cirr- orange
cirr#2- curl, tentacle
civ- citizen
clad- branch
clar- clear
clast- borken
claud-, -clud-, claus-, -clus close
clav- key, to close, lock
cleist- closed
cleithr- bar, key
clement- mild
clin- bed, lean, recline
cochl- shell
coel- hollow
cogn- know
col- strain
coll- hills
coll#2- neck
con-, co-, col-, com-, cor- with, together
condi- season, seasoning
cono- cone
corac- raven
cord- heart
corn- horn
coron- crown
corps- body
cortic- bark
cost- rib
cotyl- cup
cracy-, -crat government, rule, authority
cran(i)- skull
crass- thick
creat- make
cred- believe, trust
crep- boot, shoe
cribr- sieve
cris-, crit- judge
crisp- curled
cross(o)- fringe, tassel
cruc(i)- cross
crur(i)- leg, shank
cub- cube
cub#2- lie
culin- kitchen
culp- blame, fault
curr-, curs- run
curv- bent
cuspid- lance, point
cut(i)- skin
cycl(o)-, cycle- circular
cylind- roll
cyn(o)- dog
cyst- capsule
damn-, -demn- to inflict loss upon
de- from, away from, removing, down
deb- owe
decim- tenth place
den- ten each
dendr-, dendr(o)- resembling a tree
dent- teeth
dexter- right
dict- say, speak
digit- finger
dipl- double, twofold
doc-, doct- teach
dogmat-, dox- opinion, tenet
dom- house
dorm- sleep
dors- back
du- two
dub- doubtful
duc-, duct- lead
dur- hard
dynam- power
ed-, es- eat
ego- self, I (first person)
ego-, eg- goat
em-, empt- buy
eme- vomit
emul- striving to equal, rivaling
en-, em- in
pharaoh- great house
ens- sword
eo-, eos-, eoso- dawn, east
epi-, ep- upon
epistem- knowledge or science
equ-, -iqu- even, level
equ- horse
erg- work
err- stray
etho-, eth-, ethi- custom, habit
ethm- sieve
ethn- people, race, tribe, nation
ex-, e-, ef- from, out
extrem- outermost, utmost
f-, fat- say, speak
fab- bean
fac-,fic-, fact-,fect- make
fall-,fell-, fals- sickle, deceive
fallac- false
famili- a close attendant
fant- to show, reveal, uncover
fasc- bundle
fatu- foolish, useless, meaningless
feder- treaty, agreement, contract, league, pact
fel- cat
felic- happy, merry
fell- suck
femin- woman, female
femor-, femur- thigh
fend-, fens- strike
fenestr- window
clustro- confined to close space
feroc- fierce
ferr- iron
fet- stink
fic- fig
fid-, fis- faith, trust
fil- thread
fili- son
fin- end
find-, fiss- split
firm- fix, settle, adjerined
fistul- hollow, tube
fl- blow
flacc- flabby
flav- yellow
flect-, flex- bend
flict- strike
flor- flower
flu-, flux- flow
foc- hearth
foss- dig
ono- swelling
karkin(o)- crab
foen- hay
fol(i)- leaf
font- spring
for- bore, drill
form- shape
fornic- vault
fort- strong
fove- shallow round depression
frang-, -fring-, fract-, frag- break
frater-, fratr- brother
fric-, frict- rub
frig- cold
front- forehead
fruct-, frug- fruit
fug-, fugit- flee, escape
fum- smoke
fund- bottom
fund-, fus- pour
fung-, funct- do
fur-, furt- steal
furc- fork
fusc- dark
gen(o)- race, kind, tribe, breed, species
ger-, gest- bear, carry
germin- sprout
glabr- hairless
glac(i)- ice
glad(i)- sword
glia- glue
glob- sphere
glor(i)- glory
grad-, gred-, gress- walk, step, go
gram- writing
gran- grain
grand- grand
grat- thank, please
grav- heavy
greg- flock
gubern- govern, pilot
gust- taste
gutt- drop
guttur- throat
gymn- nude, naked, bear
hab-, hib-, habit-, hibit- have
hal-,hel- breathe
haur-, haust- draw
hen- one
her-, hes- cling
hered- heir
heur- find, search
hibern- wintry
hiem- winter
hirsut- hairy
hispid- bristly
histri- actor
hodo- way
homin- human
homal- even, flat
honor- esteem
hor- boundary
horm- that which excites
horti- garden
hospit- host
host- enemy
hum- ground
hyo- U-shape
hyster- later
icos- twenty
ido- shape, form, appearance
idio- personal, private, secret
ign- fire
in-(1),im- in, on
in-(2),il-,im-,ir- not, un- (negation)
insul- island
inter- among, between
intra- within
irasc-,irat- be angry
iter- again
itiner- route, way
jac- lie
ject- cast, throw, to be thrown
janu- door
joc- joke
jug- yoke
jung-, junct- join
junior- younger
jus-,jur-,judic- law, justice
juv-,jut- help
juven- young, youth
kine- movement, motion
klept- steal
kudo- glory
lab-, laps- slide, slip
lab(i)- lip
labor- toil
lacer- tear
lacrim- cry, tears
lact- milk
lamin- layer, slice
lamp- shine, torch
lapid- stone
larv- ghost, mask
lat(i)- broad, wide
later- side
laud-, laus- praise
lav- wash
lax- not tense
led-, les- hurt
leg- law
lei(o)- smooth
len(i)- gentle
lev- lift, light
liber- free
libr- book
lig- bind
lin- line
lingu- language, tongue
linqu-, lict- leave
liter- letter
loqu-, locut- speak
luc- bright, light
lud-, lus- play
lumin- light
lysis- dissolving
magn- great, large
maj- greater
mal- bad, wretched
mamm- breast
man(1)- flow
man(2)- stay
mand- hand
mania- mental illness
manu- hand
mar- sea
mater-,matr- mother
maxim- greatest
medi-, -midi- middle
mei- less
mellior better
mell- honey
memor- remember
mening- membrane
men(o)- moon
ment- mind
mer- part
merc- reward, wages, hire
merg-, mers- dip, plunge, fuse
mic- grain
migr- wander
milit- soldier
millen- thousand each
mim- repeat
min- jut
min- less, smaller
mir- wonder, amazement
misce-, mixt- mixture
mit- thread
mitt-, miss- send
mol- grind
moll- soft
monil- string of beads
mont- mountain
mort- death
mov-,mot- move, motion
mulg-,muls- milk
mur- wall
mus- theif
musc- fly
mut- change, transform
my- mouse
myx- slime
myz- suck
nar- nostril
narc- numb
narr- tell
nas- nose
nasc-, nat- born
nav- ship
nect(o)- swimming
nect-, nex- join, tie, unite
neg- no
nema- hair
nemor- grove, woods, forest
nes- island
nigr- black
nihil- nothing
noct- night
nod- knot
nom- arrangement, law
nomad- those who let pasture herds
nomin- name
non(1)- not
non(2)- ninth
nonagen- ninth each
not- letter, note, paper
noth- spurious
nov(1)- nine
nova(2)- new
noven- nine each
novendec- nineteen
nox-,noc- harmful
nu- nod
nub- to marry, to wed
nuc- nut
nuch- back of the neck
nud- naked
nulli- none
numer- number
nunci- announce
nutri- nourish
ob-, o-, oc-, of-, og-, op-, os- against
octav- eighth
octogen- eighth each
octogesim- eightieth
octon- eight each
ocul- eye
od(1)- path, way
od(2)- hate
odor- fragrant
oec(o)- house, home
oed- swollen
oen- wine
oesoph- gullet
ogd(o)- eighth
ole- oil
olecran- skull of the elbow
oliv- olive
-oma cancer
omas- paunch
oment- fat skin
omin- creepy
omm- eye
om(o)- shoulder
omphal- navel
oner- burden
onom- name
opac- shady
oper- work
opercul- little cover
ophi- snake, serpent
opisth- either, option, choice
opt- choose
optim- best, great
or- mouth
orb- circle, round
ordin- order, task, assignment, mission, duty, job
or(i)-, ort- eastern
orn- decorate
oscill- swing
oss(i)- bone
ost(i)- entrance
ostrac- shell
ov- egg
ovi(2)- sheep
pac- peace
pach- thick
paed- child, kid, toddler
pagin- page
pal- stake
palin- back
pall- be pale
palli- mantle
palma- palm
palustra-, paluste- in marshes
pand-, pans- spread
para- beside, near, alongside, beyond, altered, contrary, from, against, contrary to, on forth
pariet- wall
parti- part
parthen(o)- maiden
pasc-, past- feed
pass- pace,step
passer- sparrow
pat- open
pati-, pass- suffer, feel, endure, permit
patr-, patri- father
pauc- few
pecc- sin
pect- fixed, repaired, restored
pector- chest
pecun- money
pejor- worse
pell-, puls- drive
pen- almost
pend-, pens- hang
penn-, pinn- feather
pentecost- fiftieth
pept- to digest
peran- across, beyond
persic- peach
pessim- worst
pet- strive forward
phaeo- dark
phag- eat
phalar- having a patch of white
phaner(o)- visible
pher- bearing, carry
phleg- heat
phloe- tree bark
phor- carry, bear
phragm- fence
phren- diaphragm, mind
phryn(o)- toad, toad-like
phyl- tribe, race, kind
phyll- leaf
physa- bladder
phys- nature
phyt- plant
pic- pitch
pil- hair
pin(o)- drink
pin- pine
ping-, pict- paint
pingu- fat
pir- pear
pisc- fish
pis pea
plac(1)- plate, tablet
plac(2)- calm
plac-, -plic- please
plagi- oblique
plan- flat
plas- mold
platy- flat, board
plaud-, -plod-, plaus-, -plos- clap
ple-, plet- fill
pleb- people
plen- full
plesi- near
plesi- full
pleth- side
pleur- fold
plinth- brick
plu- rain
plum- feather
plumb- lead
plur- more
plurim- most
pluto- wealth, rich
cosmet- beautifying
algia- pain
fibro- muscle
pluvi- rain
pneu- air, lung
pogono- beard
poie- make
polem- war
polio- grey
pollic- thumb
pon-, posit- put
ponder- weight
pont- bridge
popul- people
por- passage
porc- pig
porphyr- purple
placebo- i will please
port(1)- gate
port(2)- carry
prasin- leek-green
prat- meadow
prav- crooked
pre- before
prec- pray
pred- organism that lives by preying victimizes, plunders, or destroys, especially for one's own gain on other organisms predator latin
caput- head decapitation,decapitate latin
capitis- head decapitation,decapitate latin
emia- blood condition acidemia, acidaemia greek
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