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Latin Quiz 5-10-07

ECCE ROMANI VOCAB Chapters 25-27) (also see pg. 48 and 49 in WKBK)

Caligula, -ae,m., Caligula (emperor,...)
causa, -ae f., reason
gloria, -ae f., fame, glory
mappa, -ae f., napkin
meta, -ae f., mark, goal, turning post
poeta, -ae m., poet
taberna- ae f., shop
terra, -ae f., earth, ground
amphitheatrum, -i n., amphitheater
atrium, -i n., atrium, main room
bona, -orum n., pl., goods, possesions
captivus, -i m., captive, prisoner
colloqium, -i n., conversation
curriculum, -i n., race track
Forum, -i n., the Forum
gladius, -i m., sword
ludus, -i m., school
lutum, -i n., mud
oculus, -i m., eye
patronus, -i m., patron
signum, -i n., signal
stilus, -i m., pen
tablinium, -i n., study
vinum, -i n., wine
Caesar, Caesaris m., Julius Caesar (emperor)
Caput, capitis n., head
cliens, clientes gen, pl., clientium, m., client, dependent
coniux, coniugis m./f., husband, wife
custos, custodis m., guard
factio, factionis f., company (of charioteers)
lapis, lapidis m., stone
mulier, mulieris f., woman
oratio oration, speech
postis door post
praedo robber
spectator spectator
victor cpnqueror, victor
aestus heat
aqueductus aqueduct
arcus arch
complexus embrace
domus house
manus metus
reditus return
risus smile, laugh
senatus Senate
sonitus sound
strepitus noise, clattering
tumultus uproar, commotion
dies day
res matter, situation
albatis white
antiquus ancient
aureus golden
excitatus wakened, aroused
feriatus celebrating a holiday
meus my, my own, mine
noster our, our own, ours
oppressus crushed
parvulus small, little
prasinus green
quadratus squared
quintis fifth
russatus red
suus his own, her own, its own, their own
tertius third
tuus your, your own, yours
venetus blue
verbosus talkative
vester your, your own, yours
circernsis in the circus
immortalis immortal
desidero to miss, to long for
servo to save
veto to forbid
debeo ought
faveo to give favor to
iaceo to lie, be lying down
noceo to do harm to
teneo to hold
accidit it happens
claudo to shut
confido to give trust to
deverto to turn aside
sterto to snore
stringo to draw
traho to pull, drag
vinco to conquer, win
arripio to grab hold of, snatch
fugio to flee
conficio to finish
aperio to open
pervenio to arrive, reach
scio to know
absum to be away, absent
adsum to be present
aliquid something
ego I
ei, eae, ea they
eius of him, for her, his, hers, its
eorum of them, their
is, ea, id he, she, it
nos we
quas which
quod which
sui, sibi, se, se himself, herself, oneself, itself, themselves
tu you
vos you
apud with, in front of, before
propter on account of
sine without
abhinc ago, previously
aliter otherwise
nonnumquam sometimes
postridie on the following day
ut as
aut...aut either...or
nisi unless
Quocum With whom...?
domi at home
Eho Hey
eo die on that day
gladium stringere to draw a sword
Gratias tibi ago! I thank you
hic this
humi on the ground
ille, illa, illud that
ludi circensis chariot racing
Mons Vesuvius Mount Vesuvius
orationem habere to deliver a speech
sequens following
si vis if you wish
Created by: VaraTC



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