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Midterm english


chastise to punish severely
adherence steady or faithful attachment
aptitude ability to learn
palpable capable of being touched or felt
transgression an act, process, or example of transgressing
prominent sticking out beyond a surface or line
serene showing complete calm
nondescript belonging or appearing to belong to no particular class or kind
bewilderment to confuse especially with a great many things to worry about
sufficient enough to achieve a goal or fill a need
petulantly marked by displays of rudeness or ill temper
exuberance joyfully enthusiastic
prestige importance in the eyes of other people
integral needed for completeness
integrity the condition of being free from damage or defect
ominous being or showing a sign of evil or misfortune to come
pervade to spread through all parts of
haphazard marked by lack of plan
instinctively of, relating to, or being instinct
augment to increase especially in size