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Latin Vocab

Abeo Go away, Depart
Adversus Hostile, Adverse
Alienus Strange, Out of place
Amitto Let go, Lose
Aperio Open
Causa (F.) Cause, Reason
Cottidie Daily
Decorus Suitable; Handsome
Desum Be missing, Fail
Disco Learn
Frustra In vain
Infirmus Weak, Unhealthy
Instituo Set up, Establish
Interest It is of importance/of interest
Labor Slip, Glide, Fall
Lex (F.) law
Libenter Freely, Willingly
Licet It is permitted
Miseret It pities
Necesse Necessary
Oportet It is necessary/Proper
Paenitet It repents
Piget It disgusts
Pudet It shames
Refert It is of importance
Scriptor (M.) Writer
Sto Stand
Studiosus Fond of, Studious
Sustineo Support, Maintain
Tadet It bores/Disgusts
Utilis Useful/Beneficial
Vel Or
Vetus Old
Violo Do violence to/Break
Aetas (F.) Time of life, Age
Celeritas (F.) Speed/Swiftness
Defendo Defend
Denique Finally/At last
Desisto Stop/Desist
Deterreo Deter/Prevent/Hinder
Dubius Doubtful
Dubium (N.) Doubt, Hesitation
Dubito Hesitate, Doubt
Impedio Deter/Impede
Metuo Fear
Nemus (N.) Grove/Wood
Obitus (M.) A going down/Downfall
Obsto Stand in the way of
Orior Rise, Arise, Begin
Ortus (M.) Rising
Pervenio Arrive (at)
Prohibeo Prohibit/Keep away from
Quin But that, that not
Quominus By which the less
Radius (M.) rod, ray
Religio (F.) Religious awe/Sancity
Relinquo Leave behind/abandon
Reliquus Remaining/Rest of
Retego Uncover/Reveal
Tergum (N.) back
Turpis Foul/Ugly
Una Together/at the same time
Venor Hunt/Go hunting
Verto Turn
Animadverto Notice (turn ones attention to)
Veto Forbid
Aestimo Estimate/Reckon
As, Assis, Asium (M.) as (a small denomination of money)
Cingo Surround/Gird
Emo, Emere, Emi, Emptus Buy
Honor (M.) Honor/Distinction
Memini Remember
Nihilum (N.) nothing
Numerus (M.) number
Obliviscor Forget
Pretium (N.) Price/Value
Pugna (F.) Battle, Fight
Quod si But if
Vendo Sell
Vulnero Wound
Created by: csp7