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Changes in matter D

A greek philosopher__________ developed a theory about matter he said the smalllest peices of matter were called_______ demicritus Atoms
All_______ is composed of atoms matter
A british chemist ________ developed the theory that matter cosists fo atoms. he helped develop the John Dalton pattern of periodic table of elements
matter can exist in the form of what 3 things depending on temperature and pressure solid,liquid,gas
the way an object_____________________________ makes it diffrent form every other object looks,feels,smells,tastes,melts,or frezzes
all matter has certain __________ that allow us to distinguish on type of material from another properties
what 3 states of matter can water exist liquid-water solid-ice gas-steam
compare mass and volume mass is the amount of matter an object contains colume is how much space a object takes up
mass and colume are both what phsical prpoerties
besides mass,volume,and density,________,_______ are phiscal properties used to identify an object whether its _________,________,______ color,shape,texture of an object ROUGH,BUMPY,SMOOTH
a phsical propperty used to classify mineral and gems is______ its shape.
what determines how the mineral can be used the properties of an object
water vapor like ALL gases has__________ no definite shape or volume
_____________ of a particle type of matter can determine whether it exists as a solid,liquid,gas_____________ are 2 other phiscal properties of matter the temperture the freezing piont and boiling pint
NO __________________ have exactly the same properties two substances
when and solid material is heated and energy is added, what happens to the particle they spread very far apart
Then this material will become a _____________. eventually energy is added to overcome the attraction between particles turning this into a______ which the particles move about and freely and very rapidly liquid gas
solids and liquids ____________ than gases more denser
whys is the physical properties of conductivity significant it helps us determine the materials that are best for transmittimg electricity or heat when we are trying to save energy
the physical properties of matter determin what? the uses we find in them
name 2 examples of a physical properies that an artist might use 1 the ability of one kind of matter to dissolve in another 2 the consistency of paint
we can say, that more porous a material is ____________ the more paint the substance will hold
what 2 properties of matter did these paragraph discis about artist texture and what the painting looks like
what can we say about phsical properties of ceramic objects they are made form nonmetallic and coduct heat better than plastic
it has been proven that_________ has a better way producing ceramics with__________ physical properties than anything we can produce in a labotory mollusks far supiors
scientist use__________ to create arificial____________________ to learn about physical properties and devolpe advances in technology mullusks bone and nonrusting building materials
How do animals such as koala bears know what kinds of meterials possed the physical properties they need to survive these animals depend on there instinctively aware propery they find in there organisims
name 3 reasons why the koala bears chooses eucalyyptus tree for food and shelter protection for sleep they eat it for food there body edapts
Created by: skyetaylor1