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Science Chapte 3


An example of potential energy changing to kinetic energy is? a roller coaster car pausing at the top of a hill and then rolling down
Most objects that give off light also give off? Heat
In what form does energy from the sun travel to Earth? Light
What can you feel after you rub an eraser against a paper? Heat
Something that demonstrates potential energy is? A sleeping cat
What changes electrical energy to mechanical energy? a fan
In the afternoon when the sun is in the western sky, a tree's shadow stretches to the? East
You buy a white shirt. Which of these is true about the shirt? The shirt reflects all colors of light
In order for a shadow to form, what has to happen? Light must be blocked by the tree
How does light travel? In all directions from the source
What color of an object absorbs all colors of light? Black, like the tire of a car
Something that makes a loud sound vibrates with? a lot of energy
A violin has a higher pitch than a cello. What could be a reason for this? the cello has longer, thicker strings
A student wires together three light bulbs and a battery in a series circuit. One of the bulbs burns out. What will happen next? None of the light bulbs will stay lit
Why is plastic a good material for the covering of a wire? Plastic is an insulator
How are conductors and insulators different? electric charge moves easily through a conductor. It does not move through insulators
the movement of electrical charges electric energy
energy you can hear sound energy
ability to do work or to cause change energy
the energy of motion kinetic energy
the energy that motion or postion gives to an object mechanical energy
stored energy potential
a disturbance that carries energy from one point to another point wave
to bend light refract
to take in light abosrb
to bounce light off an object reflect
a dark area formed when an object blocks a light shadow
energy we can see light energy
how high or low a sound is pitch
how loud or soft a sound is volume
a circuit with no gaps or breaks closed circuit
a circuit with an open path open circuit
Created by: sbarney2