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Botany Ch 5 Test

Test on Fruits

The almond fruit is considered a drupe
A peanut is considered a nut
this animal in South America scatters up to 60,000 seeds in one night short-tailed fruit bat
the split opens along one side only to release seeds; ex. magnolia trees follicle
the main difference between fruits and vegetables is fruits contain seeds, vegetables don't
seed is coated with "bran" and inside is called "germ"; ex. corn and wheat caryopsis
a row of seeds attached to side of fruit; ex. pea, peanut and bean plant legumes
samaras that attach to one another making a two-winged fruit is called schizocarps
entire fruit is fleshy except a thin skin; ex. grapes, avocado, and blueberries berry
several seeds are collected in one hardened ovary, have "windows"; ex. poppy and primrose plants capsules
George de Mestral invented this velcro
strawberry seeds are located where on the fruit outside of the fruit
list the "Fruits of the Spirit" love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness, and self-control
modified berry with a leathery skin; ex. oranges and lemons hesperidium
single seed surrounded by a hard, woody covering; ex. acorns and chestnuts nuts
fleshy fruit with a hard stone around the seed; the stone is known as the "pit"; ex. peaches and olives drupe
this type of plant steals nutrients from other plants parasitic
plants that produce this are the most important food-producing plants in the world grain
name the 5 different ways seeds are dispered human, water, wind, mechanical and animal dispersal
modified berry with hard and thick skin called a "rind"; ex. pumpkins and watermelons pepo
fruit that develops a core with a fleshy tissue around it; ex. apples and pears pome
single seed inside a shell, can have parachutes attached and can have hard shells; ex. dandelions, sunflowers and strawberry plant achene
seeds inside a winged fruit that float in the breeze, one seed inside a single shell; ex. maple, ash, and elm trees samaras
the strawberry is this family achene
the main purpose of fruits to help disperse seeds
process of getting seeds from parent plant to a new location seed dispersal
another word for "grain" is caryopsis
David used something to defeat Goliath. This is the same concept as what kind of dispersal mechanical dispersal
process in which dead animals and plants refill the soil with nutrients for plants deccomposition/decompose
special network of hooks and latches that are designed to stick onto fur burrs
this type of dispersal is when flowers pollinate, create a fruit that floats in the water, then drops to bottom to take root water dispersal
type of dispersal where seeds float in the wind and are small and light as dust wind dispersal
type of dispersal where seeds are stored and buried animal dispersal
type of dispersal where seeds are grown by farmers human dispersal
type of dispersal where the fruit acts like a slingshot and flings the seeds away mechanical dispersal
explain in your own words one type of seed dispersal answer varies, but needs to be thorough!
Created by: sandyb