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GCSE Science (OCR)

Revision for OCR Gateway (Unit C1) fuels & combustion

What is the scientific term for burning? Combustion
Which gas is essential for combustion? Oxygen
What is the percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere? 21%
What is the percentage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? 0.035%
What is the definition of a hydrocarbon? A compound containing ONLY hydrogen and carbon
What colour is the bunsen burner flame when the air hole is open, letting in plenty of oxygen? Blue
What colour is the bunsen burner flame when the air hole is closed, not letting in much oxygen? Yellow
What is the name of the poisonous gas produced when incomplete combustion takes place? Carbon monoxide
What sort of health problem can be caused when some fossil fuels burn releasing sulphur dioxide? Asthma
What is the name of the device fitted to car exhausts to reduce pollution from carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides? Catalytic converter
Created by: heb