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End of Semester

Ch1, Ch13, Ch14, Ch15, Ch16, Ch18, Ch19, Ch 20, Ch 21, and Ch 22

A person who studies the lives of animals. ZOOLIGIST
This type of model looks like the real thing but has limitations (EXAMPLES: solar system, cell models, toy cars, and globe) PHYSICAL MODELS
A person who specializes in the chemistry of rocks, minerals, and soil. GEOCHEMIST
What tool of measurement measures volume (mL, m3, cm3)? GRADUATED CYLINDER
This type of model is made up of numbers, equations, and other forms of data (EXAMPLES: punnett square). MATHEMATICAL MODEL
What tools of measurement measures temperature (°C, Kelvin, °F)? THERMOMETER
This type of model is based on a system of ideas (EXAMPLES: solar system formed from a spinning disc of gas). CONCEPTUAL MODEL
What tools of measurement measures force (Newtons)? SPRING SCALE
What tools of measurement measures time (min, sec)? STOPWATCH
A person who studies volcanoes? VOLCANOLOGIST
This device uses a gas flame to heat and boil liquids and solids. BUNSEN BURNER
What is the name for the process of recycling materials that make up the earth’s crust and mantle? THE ROCK CYCLE
Which of the following actions can a person take in order to best conserve Fossil Fuel resources: turn the faucet off while brushing your teeth; recycle newspapers; ride a bike to school? RIDE A BIKE TO SCHOOL
The force of attraction between objects that is due to their masses. GRAVITY
A change in a moving object’s speed or direction. ACCELERATION
A force that always acts to oppose motion. FRICTION
The measure of gravitational force exerted on an object. WEIGHT
Which of the following is an assistive engineered product: heart transplant; a crutch; artificial skin? A CRUTCH
Newton’s ________ Law of Motion: Acceleration of an object depends on its mass and the amount of force applied. SECOND
[work (w) = force (F) x distance (d)] Hailey uses 30N of force to push a lawn mower 10 meters. How much work does she do? 40J or 20J or 300J 300J
Newton’s _______ Law of Motion: an object at rest remains at rest and an object in motion remains in motion at constant speed and in a straight line unless acted on by an unbalanced force. FIRST
What is a push or pull that always acts on an object? FORCE
A measure that does not change when an object’s location changes. MASS
Speed of an object in a particular direction. VELOCITY
Newton’s ________ Law of Motion: All forces act in pairs. THIRD
The hypothesis that states that the continents once formed a single landmass, broke up, and drifted to their present locations. CONTINENTAL DRIFT
Items that provide evidence that that the continents were once closer together. FOSSILS
The application of engineering to living things, such as humans and plants. BIOENGNEERING
The positive purpose for which a technology is designed to be used. INTENDED BENEFIT
What is the unit used to express engergy, it is also the unit for work? JOULE
What type of friction is between moving surfaces? KINETIC FRICTION
What type of bioengineering that results in a product or process that changes the living organism? ADAPTIVE BIOENGINEERING
What are the positive or negitive results of technology that were not planned called? UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES
What type of friction is where the object does not move because the force balances the force applied? STATIC FRICTION
The rate at which work is done or engergy is transformed is called what? POWER
What is the equation to calculate power? Power = Work ÷ Time (P = W ÷ t)
What unit is used to express power? WATT
What type of simple machine that has a bar that pivots at a fixed point? LEVER
A machine that is made of 2 or more simple machines is called what? COMPOUND MACHINE
What is the equation used to calculate work? Work = Force X distance (W = F X d)
What is it called when scientific conclusions are influenced by the opinions or beliefs of the experimenter? BIASED
The highest point of a transverse wave is ….. CREST
A substance through which a wave can travel. MEDIUM
Which of the following types of waves requires a Medium: X-rays OR microwaves OR sound waves? SOUND WAVES
Equation [Distance = rate X time] Josh is traveling between Memphis and Nashville. He has traveled for 3 hours at 70 mph. How many miles has he traveled? 210 MILES
Equation [time = Distance ÷ rate] How long is Jewel’s trip if she travels 70 mph for 245 miles? 3.5 HOURS
Equation [Force = work ÷ distance] How much force was applied to a box that required 90 joules of work to push it up a 6 meter ramp? 15 NEWTON METER
Which simple machine can be described as a rope that is threaded through a wheel or disk? PULLEY
Lifting up a paint can lid with a screwdriver is an example of using which type of simple machine? LEVER
What is the SI unit for force? NEWTON
Which of the following is a simple machine: a bicycle OR a jar lid OR a can opener? A JAR LID
What prevents machines from being 100% efficient? FRICTION
What do waves transfer? ENERGY
What is the lowest point between each crest of a wave? TROUGH
This type of wave has the particles of the medium vibrate in an up-and-down motion? TRANSVERSE WAVE
In which layer of Earth is the asthenospere located? (HINT: Tectonic plates float on the asthenosphere) MANTLE
A volcano erupts, giving off hot lava. Some of this lava lands in the ocean, where it quickly cools and hardens into rock. What type of rock is formed? IGNEOUS ROCK
During which stage of the technology design process should engineers identify the materials and estimate the costs of producing a product? (HINT: Factors if you are redecorating your bedroom) EVALUATION
Pollution is a way in which humans harm the environment. Which of these ways of generating electricity is MOST LIKELY to harm the environment: using solar cells OR burning fossil fuels OR running wind turbines BURNING FOSSIL FUELS
You are studing properties of minerals. You want to find out whether different mineral samples show Fracture or Cleavage (refer to how a mineral breaks). What tool would you use? balance OR streak plate OR hand lens HAND LENS
The core is the source of Earth's magnetic field. What elements is the Earth's inner core mostly made up of? IRON AND NICKEL
What is most likely to form when two continental plates push together? MOUNTAINS
An ax is an example of which type of simple machine? WEDGE
Which of the following is an adaptive engineered product: artificial skin; a crutch; eye glasses? ARTIFICIAL SKIN
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