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Science Notes Chp. 5


The money left over after a business pays its expensives is the _____ profit
Each group of Native Americans was headed by a _______ sachem
_____ and _______ took a portage from the Mississippi River to the Great Lakes Marquette, Jolliet
The Navy defeated the Spanish _____, a large fleet of ships armada
Settlers grew _______ as a cash crop tobacco
______ grew because it became a place for families Jamestown
Native Americans taught the ____ to survive Pilgrims
John Cabot, Henry Hudson and Giovanni DE Verrazano looked for a water route to _____ Asia
The Pilgrims left England because they wanted to _________ worship in peace
_____ faced famine at Jamestown Colonists
Decision making is choosing from several ______ in order to achieve something options
_________ is useful because it helps you understand the decisions of people in history Decision making
Champlain helped the Huron fight the Iroquois because the Huron agreed to help the French buy and sell _____ furs
When you need to make a decision, you should set a ____ and gather _____ goal, information
Champlain became friends with the Huron people because France needed Native American ______ trading partners
Because of Champlain's decision to help the Huron defeat the Iroquois, the French acquired the Huron as allies, but the Iroquois became their ______ enemies
Created by: angelicb