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who created a government in the midst of war? founding fathers
What is the Magna Carta? first document to place limits on governments power.
WHat is the English Bill of Rights? guaranteed rights of citizens
What is the Enlightment? natural rights
What is the mayflower compact? people are source of governments authority
What is the house of burgesses? elected officials
What role does christianity play in the traditions upon which the US govt is based on? laws based on humanitarian concepts
what did the articles of confederation establish? it established a confederacy
what is a confederacy? a loose union of states, established by the articles of confederation.
Greek & Roman Democratic systems one of the many traditions the US govt is based on
What is a legislature? under the provisions of the articles, they required a one branch system with only a legislature: (no president or national court)
what is no power to tax? under the provisions of the articles, powers of congress were limited, so they had no control over tax, only the states had power to tax.
what is compulsive authority? under the provisions of the Aricles, powers of congress were limited, they couldnt force the states to do anything, they could only advise them, meaning they lacked compulsive authority.
one vote under the provisions of the articles, powers of the congress were limited, hey wanted each state to be represented equally, so each state could cast one vote.
"If a nation expects to live ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what was and what never will be" jefferson
What was the Treaty of Paris? THe articles govt. negotiated the treaty of paris, signed by US and british represenatives, ending the revolutionary war in 1783
4 accomplishments of the Articles Government 1) negotiated the treaty of Paris, ending the Revolutionary war in 1783 2) Convinced the states to give up claims to western lands 3) Land ordinance of 1785 4) Land ordinance of 1787
What is the Land ordinance of 1785? AN acomplishment of the Articles govt., determined how western lands would be organized, made available for sale.
What is a township? 36 square-mile blocks. *lands were divided into townships because of the land ordinance of 1785
What is Republican Government? elected officials. *a territory could apply for statehood when it had drafted a state constitution guaranteeing a republican govt.
what is currency? money
6 weaknesses of the articles 1) no power to tax 2) had to rely on states to cooperate ( no compulsive authority) 3) no chief executive for swift, decisive action 4) no national court 5) unable to maintain an army 6) unable to establish a strong economy or a sound currency
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