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Science Mid-term

All Things FOr Science

Photosynthesis ? is the process of light to make food
respiration ? Reserved Process Of Photosynthesis
Aerobic Resperation ? Requires oxygen
Anaerobic ? Breaks Down Glucose
Complete Metamorphosis ? egg larva puppa adult
Incomplete Metamorphosis ? egg nymph adult
Materials Of Photosynthesis ? carbon dioxide ,water , and sunlight
Products of Photosynthesis ? Glucoseamd Oxygen
Human life cycles egg infant child teen adult parent
pinetree life cycles seed seedling more tree~like forms a cone large tree cone drops seeds
apple tree Life Cycles seed seedling form flowers forms fruit large tree seeds planted
Step 1 Of The scientific method 1~ Ask A Question
step 2 Of The scientific method Form oa hypothosis
Step 3 Of The scientific method Design and Conduct an Experiment
Step 4 Of The scientific method analyze The Results of the experiment
Step 5 Of The scientific method draw A conclusion
Cell Membrane ? a continuous , almost invisible structue surrounding the cell
ER ? the cell's transport system which has a large surface area due 2 its looping
Created by: Eristie