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Mid-Term Study Guide

Mid Term Study Guide.

How Many Steps Does The Scientific Method Have? 5
What Are These Apart Of?...1.Gather Materials 2.Know How To Use Piece Of Equiptment 3.Observe And Record The Data 4.Identify One Test Variable And Control Other Variables 5.Perform Measurements 6.Use Mathematics Steps Of The Experimental Stage
How Many Rules Does The Science Safety Rules And Procedures Have? 7
E.R Is Also Known As What? Endoplasmic Reticulum
What Has A Continuous,Almost Invisible Structure Surrounding The Cell? Cell Membrane
What Is The Cell's Transportation System Known As? Endoplasmic Reticulum
What Is The Cell's Environment? Cytoplasm
What Packs And Carries Proteins In Little Bubbles In The Cytoplasm? Golgi Bodies
What Is The Like The Cell's Computer? Nucleus
What Is The Cell's Powerhoue? Mitochondria
What Is The Nucleus' Protection? Nuclear Membrane
What Creates The Product Of The Cell? Ribosomes
What Is The Cells' Recyclers That Are Produced By The Golgi Bodies? Lysosomes
What Stores Material And Waste,And Releases Waste? Vacuoles
What Is The Rigid Structure That Encloses,Supports,And Protects The Cells Of Plants Cell Wall
What Is The Green,Chlorophyll-Containing,Plant-Cell Organelle That Converts Sunlight,Carbon Dioxide,And Water Into Sugar? Chloroplasts
What Is The Light-Trapping Pigment In Plant Chloroplasts? Chlorophyll
What Is The Movement Of The Molecules From An Area Where There Are More Of Those Molecules To An Area Where There Are Less Of Them? Diffusion
What Is The Diffusion Of Water? Osmosis
What Is The Movement Of Molecles Through Diffusion? Passive Transport
What Are These Specified As:1.Oxygen 2.Carbon 3.Hydrogen 4.Nitrogen The Elements Essential For Life
What Process Uses Light To Make Food? Photosynthesis
What Are The 2 Products Of Photosynthesis? Oygen And Glucose
What Is The Reverse Process Of Photosynthesis? Respiration
What Are The 2 Products Of Respiration? Carbon Dioxide And Water
What Are The 3 Reactants Of Photosynthesis? Carbon Dioxide,Water,And Sunlight
What Are The 2 Reactants Of Respiration? Glucose And Oxygen
What Does Aerobic Respiration Require? Oxygen
What Does Respiration Add To The Air? Carbon
What Is Used By Humans To Make Proteins? Nitrogen
What Has A Negative Effect On The Environment? Pollution
Pollution Has A Negative Effect By Doing What To Animals And Humans? Killing Them
What Are These Stages Called?..1.Egg 2.Larva 3.Pupa 4.Adult Complete Metamorphsis
Created by: katelyn504