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P1 Lab

Paramedic 1 Lab Final

Adenosine (Adenocard) Dosage 1st) 6 mg IV Bolus, 2nd) 12 mg IV Bolus, 3rd) 12 mg IV Bolus
Adenosine (Adenocard) Pharmalogic Action Endogenous purine nuceoside in all cells of the body
Adenosine (Adenocard) Indications PSVT Rate >150 , Wide Complex Tachy
Adenosine (Adenocard) Contraindications 2nd/3rd degree AV block, sick sinus syndrome, Known hypersensitivity
Amiodarone Dosage Cardiac: 300 mg IV Bolus, 150 mg IV Bolus. Non-Cardiac: 150 mg over 10 min mixed w/ d5w
Amiodarone Indications V-Fib, Pulseless V-Tach, Wide Complex Tachy, V-Tach w/ impaired LV
Amiodarone Contraindications Cardiogenic Shock, Marked Sinus Brady, 2nd/3rd Degree AV block
Amiodarone Pharacological Action Vaughn William Class 3 anti-arrhythmic, useful for atarial and ventricular arrythmias
Asprin Dosage 162-325mg PO
Aspirin Pharmacolological Action NSAID, antipyretic, anti-platelet, anti-inflammatory
Aspirin Indications AMI, CP, Cardiac Alert
Aspirin Contra Known Hypersensitivity, Stomach Ulcer, Pregnant, Taking anticoagulant
Atropine Dosage .5 mg IV every 3-5 minutes, max dose 3 mg
Atropine Pharmacological Action Potent antimuscinaric parasympatholytic, Reduces Vagal Tone Increase SA Automaticity, Increases AV Conduction
Atropine Indications Brady, hypotension, pulmonary edema, altered LOC
Atropine Contra Heart Xplant, 3rd degree AV block acute anterior wall MI
Diltiazem(Cardizem) Dosage .25 mg/kg(20 mg) Slow IV bolus, Repeat .35 mg/kg ( 25 mg) Slow
Diltiazem(Cardizem) Pharmacological Action Calcium Channel Blocker, Slows AV comduction, Increases AV nodal
Diltiazem(Cardizem) Indications Narrow complax a-fibb/flutter, PSVT refractory to adenosine
Diltiazem(Cardizem) Contra Complete heart block, cardiogenic shock, V-tach, wide complex Tach
Dopamine Dosage 5.0 - 20.0 mcg/kg/min titrated as needed if SBP < 70 mmHg
Dopamine Pharmacological Action Catecholamine, low dose beta adrenergic 2-10 mcg/kg/mm, at high dose pressor 10mcg/kg/mm
Dopamine Indications Cardiogenic , neurogenic, septic, or anaphylatic shock. Hemodynamically significant overdose
Dopamine Contra Should not be used in patients with pheochromocytoma, Shock due to hypovolemia
Epi (1:1000) Dosage .3 - .5 mg SQ
Epi (1:1000) Pharmacological Action Stimulates Alpha and Beta receptors
Epi (1:1000) Indications Bronchospasm Asthma COPD, Acute Allergic Reaction, Cardiac Arrest
Epi (1:1000) Contra Presence of hypertension, history of heart disease, Age over 50
Epi (1:10000) Dosage 1mg (10cc) IV Repeat ever 3-5 minutes, Brady: mix 2mg in 250ml NS (8mcg/ml) set rate 2-10 mcg/min
Epi (1:10000) Pharmacological Action Sympathomimetic which stimulates both alpha and bate receptors
Epi (1:10000) Indications V-fib, pulsless V-Tach, Asystole, PEA, Anaphylactic Shock, Newborn resuscitation
Epi (1:10000) Contra None in cardiac arrest situation
Furosemide(Lasix) Dosage 1mg/kg slow iv bolus single dose not to exceed 100mg
Furosemide(Lasix) Indications Hypotension w/ Pulmonary edema
Furosemide(Lasix) Contra Use in pts allergic to sulfa,pregnancy
Furosemide(Lasix) Pharmacologic Action potent loop diuretic
Glucagon Dosage unit (1 mg ) IM, 2.0mg IV or 3.0mg IV bolus
Glucagon Pharmacologic hormone
Glucagon Indications Hypoglycemia, Betablocker, calcium channel blocker overdose
Glucagon Contra hypersensitivity
Lido Dosage .5 - .75 mg/kg IV Maitenece Infusion under 70 1-4 mg over 70 1-2 mg. Torsades de Pointes Lido 1 mg /kg
Lido Pharmacologic Action Class Ib antiarrhythmic agent
Lido Indications V-fib, Pulseless V-Tach, Tosades de pointes
Lido Contra 2nd degree block, Complete av block, stokes adams syndrome
Mag Sulfate Dosage 1-2 gm IV bolus
Mag Sulfate Pharmacologic Action Cation 98% contained w/i intracellular compartment
Mag Sulfate Contra Renal Failure
Mag Sulfate Indication Cardiac Arrest, Torsades de piontes, Eclampsia, known hypomagnesemia, moderate to severe asthma attack
Versed Dosage 1 mg/min(max 5mg) <60, 60 y/o .5mg/min IV
Versed Pharmacologic ation benodiazepine
Versed Indications Status epilepticus, Cocaine Toxicity, Premedication for cardioversion
Versed Contra Alcohol intoxication, hypersensitivity
Morphine sulfate Dosage 2 mg Iv Slowly
Morphine Phamacologic actions narcotic analgesic
Morphine Indications CP ass with AMI, Thermal Burns, Frostbite, Isolated extremity injury, premed for cardioversion or pacing
Morphine Contra Pain due to trauma or suspected acut abd, head trauma, acute alcohol intoxication, known hypersensitivity
Narcan Dosage w resp dep 2mg IVP, w/o .4 mg IVP
Narcan Phamacologic Action mu receptor(narcaotic) antagonist
Narcan Indications AMS, Codeine, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone
Narcan Contra Hypersensitive
Nitro Dosage .4mg spray sublingually every 5 minutes as neede for cp
Nitro Pharmacologic Action relaxtion of vascular smooth muscle
Nitro Indication Angina Pectoris, AMI, Cardiac Alert, Hypertension
Nitro Contra Hypertension with acute stroke, sys bp < 90 mmHg, hypersensitivity
Sodium Bicarb Dosage 1 meq/kg IV repeat with .5-1 meq
Sodium Bicarb Pharacologic Action endogenois anion that reacts with hydrogen ions to form water and carbon dioxide to buffer metabolic acidosis
Sodium Bicarb Indication hyperkalemia, tricyclic antidepessant overdose
sodium Bicarb Conta CHF, Alkalotic State, Hypoxic Lactic Acidosis
Vasopressin Dosage 49 U IV Bolus
Vasopressin Pharmacological Action naturally ocurring anti diuretic hormone
Vasopressin Indications V-fib, pulseless V-tach, PEA, Asystole
Vasopressin Contra None
CPR eiffel tower
Upper Airway Lung sounds Snoring, Gurgiling, Corwing, Stridor
Lower Airway Lung Sounds Wheezing Ronchi, Rales
Sub Q Injection Sites Arms, Thighs, Abdomen
IM Injection Sites Deltiod 3mL, Rectus Femoris 5mL, Dorsalis Gluteus 5mL, Vasus Lateralus 5mL
Sub Q Needle Size 24-26 gauge 45 degree angle
IM Needle 21-23 gauge 90 degree angle
IO site Tibial Platue
O2 Delivery % M2M 16%, NC 22%-44%, NRB 60-90%, BVM w/o O2 or res 21%, BVM w O2 and resivior 90%
Contra for NPA Basil skull fracture, significant head truama
Contra for OPA Gag reflex
GCS 1-4 Eye response, 1-5 Verbal Response, 1-6 Motor Response
Created by: 657180523