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Excretory System

Stack #78330

Excretory SystemAnswers
What does the excretory system do? Rid the body of its waste.
Excretion Ridding the body of waste...it is done in all living organisms.
What do the excretory products include in plants? They include oxygen.
What excretory products are produces in animals? They include carbon dioxide and nitrogenus compounds.
What are the three functions of the excretory system? 1. your body must eliminate wastes to remain healthy, 2. undigested mateiral is eliminated by your large intestine, 3. Waste gases are eliminated through the combined efforts of your circulatory system and respiratory sytem.
Name the first function of the urinary system. To rid the blood of nitrogenous wastes produced by the cells.
Name the 2nd function of the urinary system. To control blood volume by removing excess water produced by body cells during cellular respiration.
How do nitrogen waste products vary?. Based on the organisms adaptations and habitats (e.g. ammonia, uric acid, or urea).
How does the urinary system regulate fluid levels? When the brain detects too much water in the blood it releases a lesser amount of a hormone, this signals the kidneys to return less water to the blood and increase the amt. of wastewater (urine) that is excreted
Name the main organs of the urinary system. Two bean shaped kidneys located on the back wall of the abdomen at about waist level.
What do the kidneys do? They filter blood that contains wastes collected from cells.
What happens in the kidneys in 5 minutes? All of the blood in your body passes through the kidney.
Nephrons Tiny filtering units in the kidney during a two stage filtration system.
How many nephrons are there. About 1 million.
Describe the filtration in the kidney. 1st: water, sugar, salt, and waste from the blood passes into a cuplike structure, 2nd: Left behind in the blood are red blood cells and proteins., 3rd: Liquid in teh cuplike structure is squeezed into a narrow tubule.
Continue describing filtration in the kidney. 4th: Capillaries that surround the tubule perform the second filtration, 5th Most of the water, sugar, and salt are reabsorbed and returned to the blood.
What is urine collection? When the urine in each collecting tubule drains into a funnel shaped area of each kidney that leads to the ureter.
What is the ureter? Tubes that lead from each kidney to the bladder.
What is the bladder? An elastic, muscular organ that holds uring until it leaves the body.
What is the urethra? A tube that carries uring from the bladder to the outside of the body.
What causes a urinary disease or disorder? When waste products that are not removed build up and act as poisons in the body cells.
What happens when water accumulates in the body? It causes swelling of the ankles and feet and can build up around the heart.
What can happen without excretion? An imbalance of salts occurs, if the balance is not restored the kidneys and other organs can be damaged.
When does kidney failure occur? When the kidneys don't work as they should.
What happens when there is an infection in the urinary system? Microorganismes cause infections that usually begins in the bladder but can spread and involve the kidneys.
Can a person live with only one kidney? Yes, because the remaining kidney increases in size and works harder to make up for the loss of the other kidney.
What happens if both kidneys fail? The person will need to have his or her blod filtered by an artificial kidney machine in a process called dialysis.
Created by: jcarruth