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chapter3 rocks

rocks a hard material that composes of the earths crust or serface
minerals the individual substances that make up rocks
fossil any trace left in rock by a plant or animal
gemstones small deposits of igneous and metamorphic crystals in a rock
precious stones the rarest,most durable and beautiful gems
ore a rock containing a metal together with impurities
fossil fuel a fuel derived from the remains of once living things,such as coal
petroleum crude oil
hydrocarbon hydrogen and carbon mixed together
cave any hole not dug out by man
speleology study of caves
sea cave a cave made by the sea
lava cave a cave made by lava
solution cave a cave dug out by water
magnetism the force of a magnet
magnetic field the field in which the magnet draws things in
poles the spot on a magnet that is the strongest
electromagnet a magnet powered by electronic waves
magnetosphere the region of space affected by the earths magnetic field
a sedimentary rock a rock that is formed by sediments that have been pressed together into a solid
limestone the most common type of organic sedimentary rock made from calcium carbonate
coal a rock that provides fuel
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