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6th Grade Ch 16

Simple Machines

energy a property that enables something to do work.
Work occurs when a force is applied to an object over a distance, and the object moves in response to the force.
If something has the ability to cause a change in motion, it is has _______. energy
Energy can cause ____ to be done, so when we see work done, we see evidence of energy. work
A spring scale is used to measure _____. force
Force is measured in SI units called ____ newtons
simple machine a device that helps reduce the amount of force required to do work.
A simple machine allows the user to apply a smaller force over a ______ distance to move an object. larger
Simple machines can also change the _____ of the force applied. direction
lever a rigid bar or board that is free to move around a fixed point
fulcrum the fixed point about which a lever pivots
The _____ may be placed at different locations along the lever. fulcrum
By increasing the ________ from the fulcrum to the point where the effort force is applied, a lever can reduce the amount of force required to lift the weight.
By decreasing the distance the _____ is from the fulcrum, a lever can reduce the amount of force required to lift a weight. weight
pulley a grooved wheel with a rope running along the groove.
_____ can change the amount and/or the direction of the effort force applied. Pulleys
_______ pulleys are used to reduce the effort force. movable
A single fixed pulley changes only the ______ of the force. direction
inclined plane a sloping surface that reduces the amount of force required to lift an object.
An inclined plane can be designed to reduce the force needed to lift a weight by ______ the length of the ramp or _______ the height of the ramp. increasing; decreasing
Scissors, a crowbar, tweezers, a broom, a wheelbarrow, and bottle opener are all examples of a simple machine called a _______. lever
____ pulleys can be found on a flag pole or window blinds. Fixed
____ pulleys can be found on cranes and as part of a block & tackle system. Movable
fixed pulley a pulley that is attached to a structure
movable pulley a pulley that is not attached to a structure
wedge an inclined plane that can move
Knives and nails are examples of ______. wedges
screw an inclined plan wrapped around a post or cylinder.
Wheel and axles consist of two circular objects that rotate.
Door knobs, steering wheels, screwdrivers, and gears are all examples of simple machines called ____. wheel & axles
Complex machines consist of two or more simple machines.
Complex machines are also known as _____ ______. compound machines
Created by: Ms. Phillips