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Nick Carr says that: Infastructural Technologies are _____ valuable when used in shared than when used in isolation. More.
T/F: Infastructural Technologies can start as propreity technologies early in life. True
T/F: infrastructural technology can often lead to broader market changes True
The window for gaining advantage from infastructural technology is often open ________ Briefly
Nick Carr says that: By the end of the buildout phase, oppertunities for individual advantages are ____ largely gone
Infastructural technology's effect is felt at the ____ level macroeconomic (not individual)
IT is a ____ technology Infastructural
The arrival of the internet had _____ the commoditization of IT. Accelerated
Price depretiation of technology is _____ rapid
Other advantages gained from IT innovation Scale Economics, Brand Recognition
Signs that IT buildout is closer to end then the beginning (3): IT is outstripping business needs it fulfills, IT is affordable to all, Capacity of internet has caught up and surpassed demand, IT vendors rushing to protect themselves as commodity vendors, Bubble has burst
Value Chain Primary Proccesses Inbound Logistics, Outbound Logistics, Operations, Marketing and Sales, Customer Service
Value Chain Support Proccesses Administrative Coordination and Support Services, HR Management, Technology Development, Procurement of resources
Porters 5 Forces Rivalry of Competition, Bargaining Power of Suppliers, Bargaining Power of Customers, Threat of Substitutes, Threat of new entrants
Porter explains that to gain competitive advantage from the Value Chain you must _____ Effectively excecute both primary and support proccesses simultaneously
Flash (Jump) Drive Contains a chip with integrted circuits that can save data w/o power
Input Device Converts data into electronic machine-readable form
Output Device Converts electronic info into human-intelligible form
RFID Radio Frequency Identification
Functions of RFID Tags and tracks mobile objects, Prevent Counterfeiting, raises ethical issues
Application Software Software Suite that integrates programs for web browsing, word processing, spreadsheets, database management, etc.
Open Source Software Often more reliable than software like Windows b/c it is subject to more rigorous code review
Difference btwn. Linux and Windows Linux is open source, windows is not.
Example of Systems management program Windows XP
Primary Purpose of an Operating System Maximize productivity of a computer system by operating it in the most efficient way
Java Popular programming language for developing multimedia web pages, websites and web-based apps
Join Operation Temporarily combine two or more tables to see relevant data in one big table
Data Warehouse Stores Static Information
Opperational Database Data is subject to constant manipulation
Record Contains all data. ex: name, address and phone number
Entity Relationship Diagram Help users understand key data elements needed to perform specific business activities and how the elements relate
Graphic method of representing entity classes and their relationships Erntity-relationship-diagram (ERD)
By making use of a ______ an end user may get an immediate respone for specific info from a database. Query language
Customer Relationship Management Focuses on acquiring and retaining profitable customers via marketing, sales and service
Ways that CRM's improve an organization's customer focus (3) Help direct marketing, Assists in fulfillment of prospect and customer responses while capturing relevant info, Helps customer service create, assign and manage customer service requests
Which application focuses on the efficiency of a firm's internal production, distribution and financial processes? Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
ERP Entity Resource Planning
Function of ERP Integrates and automates internal business processes and info systems w/in the manufacturing, logistics, distribution, accounting departments, etc
Function of Supply Chain Management Helps company get right product to the right place at the right time in the proper quantity and at an acceptable cost
Supply Chain The interrelationships with suppliers, customers, distributors and other buisinesses needed to build and sell a product
Symbol used in excel to make an Absolute Cell Reference $
Excel Symbol for 3-D cell reference !
Comanies that use 'long tail' buisiness model Rhapsody, Napster, Netflix
The Long Tail explains that: Products that are in low demand or that have low sales volume can collectively make up a market share that is bigger than that of the bestsellers and blockbusters
The viability of the Long Tail business model is due in large part to _____ Recommendations of Consumers
Chris Anderson Long-Tail author
Chris Anderson argues that our entertainment is limited by: the need to find local audiences and physics itself.
Chris Anderson's 3 rules for the entertainment economy Make everything availible, Cut Price in half. Now lower it, Help me find it
Initial 3 events that flattened the world according to Friedman Fall of Berlin Wall;Windows released, Netscape goes public, Workflow
According to Friedman, workflow, outsourcing, offshoring, open-sourcing, insourcing, supply-chaining, and informing are among the _______ 10 events that flattened the world
Friedman's 3 gaps plaguing American Society: Ambition Gap, Numbers Gap, Education Gap
Driving forces of Globalization 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 according to Friedman 1.0:Countries, 2.0: Companies, 3.0: Non-Western and Non-White Individuals
Knowledge Worker Person who spends most of their time communicating and collaborating in teams and workgroups to create, use and distribute info
According to Wetherbe, the dominant profession in the US today is: Knowlege Workers
According to Torres, New school accountants (3) Use SQL to generate reports, May have to develop new databases and software programs to automate accounting tasks, Have upgraded their skills by adding a knowlege of info systems
According to Torres, New School Accountants _______ Learn to use info systems to upgrade their skills and make themselves more marketable
When employees use technology such as email and video confrencing to hold electronic meetings and coordinate their activities, what system are they using? Enterprise Collaboration System (ECS)
Success in today's dynamic business environment depends heavily on maximizing the use of Internet based technology and web-enabled info systems to meet the competitive requirements of: Customers, Suppliers and Other Business Partners
3 functions of E-Commerce Involves buying, selling, etc. of products over a variety of computer networks/ uses internet, intranets, etc. to support every step of commercial proccess/ Involves internet security & pmt mechanisms that ensure completion of delivery and pmt processes
Hardware Resources Micro,midrange and mainframe computer systems and keyboards, magnetic and optical disks etc.
What is a major contributor to moving a large ammount of basic software programming function to India, the Middle East and Asian countries? Rising Cost of Labor in the US
Micosoft Windows, Word and ERP systems are all examples of: Software Resources
Differentiation (Porter's Competitive Strategies) When a firm focuses its product to give itself an advantage in particular segments/ niches of a market (ex: United Supermarket)
What microsoft office program is used to create databases? Access
What are the shapes of an Entity, Attribute, and Relationship in an ERD? Entity: Rectangle, Attribute: Oval, Relationship: Diamond
A row on in a table in Access is called a ______ Record
Write a SQL Query that retrieves all orders from number 4 to number 7, displays the Order ID, Product Name and Unit Price and arranges the results in alphabetical order by product. SELECT [Order ID], Product, [Unit Price] FROM [Order Details] WHERE (OrderID>=4) AND (OrderId<=7) ORDER BY Product;
What do you put at the end of every SQL query? A semi-colon (;)
To retrieve all of the information from a table "Bondage Gear" what does the SQL query look like? SELECT * FROM [Bondage Gear];
To find the average of all cells between C4 and C15 in excel what is the formula? =AVERAGE(C4:C15)
When interpreting a Regression Analysis, what cell do you look at to find the percentage of variation in Y that is explained by X? R Square (r^2)
Outsourcing is only logical when ______ the task is widely performed accross industries and the information involved is NOT proprietary
If costs are high and efficiency is low, a company should ______ Outsource the task
If costs are low and efficiency is high a conpany should ______ Consider making a 'spin off' company that does the same task
What does Chris St. Clair say about information "Information is King"
Chris St. Clair said that buisiness does not depend on technology, it is ________ in technology embodied
Chris St. Clair gave his job description as: Getting the right info in the right hands @ the right time to enable better, faster, fact-based decision making
3 types of E-Commerce Business to Business (Ex: Firestone->Ford), Business to Consumer (Ex: Dell), Consumer to Consumer (Ex: Ebay)
Which value on a regression analysis in Excel indicates Statistical Significance? P-Value
When is a P-Value indicating statistical significance? When the P-value= .05 or lower
What are the 3 elements of an IF statement in the ()? logical_test (condition) [ex:"Items Sold"], Value_if_true [ex:"yes"], Value_if_false [ex:"no"]
Symbol used in Excel to make a relative cell reference *
What is the name of the first page of a website? index
Select * (SQL) Select all data
What are the most important commands in a SQL query? SELECT, FROM, WHERE
What are the two view options in Access? ViewTable (Data Sheet View) & EditingTable (Design Table)
Nick Carr's Reccomendations for investing in IT (3) Follow don't Lead, Spend Less, Focus on vulnerability not oppertunity
Venture Capital Money from investors
Problem of "the last mile" Fiber optic backbone of the internet is slowed down by the use of a twisted pair wire cable that attatches most houses to the fiber optic cable
VOIP Voice Over Internet Protocol- Uses network cable to send voice
LAN Local Area Network (connects computers within a limited area)
WAN Wide Area Network-(Connects a large area)
VPN Virtual Private Network-(Secure Network)
Client End user personal computers/ networked computers
Server Manages Network
Network Interconnected chain, group or system
Metcalfe's Law Network Value= Square Root of the # of users (the size makes the value)
Digital Discrete pulse transmission
Intranet A network that exists only within an organization
Extranet A network that connects multiple companies
SCM Supply Chain Management
Porters 5 generic strategies Cost-Leadership, Innovation, Differentiation, Growth, Alliance
Wetherbe's 3 Classes of Workers Hunter/Gatherer, Farmer/ Factory Worker, Knowledge workers
Weatherbe says that: "The best Service is_________" Self Service
What is the 1st and most important attribute for an Entity called? primary key
Data Mining Analyzing data to reveal hidden patterns and trends
Metadata Data about data
Relational Database Structure Most widely used, Rows='Records', Columns='Fields'
Groupware Software that helps workgoups collaborate on group assignments
Desktop Publishing produces printed materials that look professionally published
Peripherals generic name for input, output and seccondary storage devices that are NOT part of the CPU but ARE part of the Computer System
3 Classifications of Computer Systems Micro, Midrange and Mainframe Computers
Featherbedding Artificial Constraint on productivity (protecting obsolete jobs)
Wetherbe's 3 options to survive Export, Automate or Evaporate
According to Weatherbe, what is the most important aspect of business? Productivity (Output per Worker)
4 types of Programming Languages Machine (1st gen), Assembler (2nd Gen), High Level (3rd Gen), 4th Generation
System A set of interrelated components with clearly defined boundaries working together to achieve a common set of objectives
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