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Prefixes. Suffixes

State Assessment Prefixes and Suffixes

Prefix, Suffix, RootMeaning Example
antrhop man, human anthropology, misanthrope
belli war rebellion, belligerent
brev short abbreviate, brief
cred believe credible, credit
culpa blame culpable, culprit
derm skin dermatologist
duc lead educate
ego self egotistical, egocentric
fac make factory, factor, manufacturer
jud right judicial, judge
duct lead conductor, conductive, aqueduct
jur right jury, jurisdiction
jus right justice, justify
luc light translucent
lum light luminary
mega great megalopolis, megaphone
ocu eye ocular, binocular
ortho straight, correct orthodox, orthodontist
poly many polysaccharide, polytheistic
theo god theology
urb city urban, suburbs
vac empty vacuum, evacuate
vir man virile, triumvirate
ante- before anteroom, antecedent
counter- against, opposite counteract, counterpoint
dys- not, negative dysfunction, dyslexia
hyper- over, above hyperactive, hyperlink, hypertext
inter- between international, intermission
intro- between introduce
intra- within, into intranet, intracranial, intramural
micro- small microscope, microfiche, micrometer, microprocessor
pseudo- false, fake pseudoscience, pseudonym
trans- across transoceanic, transmit, transit
-hood order, quality neighborhood, motherhood, brotherhood
-ic nature of, like metallic, heroic, poetic
-ify make fortify
-fy make simplify
-logy study of geology, biology, gemology
-ure state of, act, process & rank exposure, posture
Created by: nashj
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