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8th Grade Greek & La

Week 15

DICO/DICTUM speak, say (Latin)
BIBLOS book (Greek)
LIBER/LIBRI book (Latin)
SCIO/SCITUM know (Latin)
DISCIPULUS student (Latin)
SAUROS lizard (Greek)
AMO/AMATUM love (Latin)
dictation speaking so another may write down the words
predict to say beforehand what will happen
contradict speak against
verdict a true saying
Bible the book of the Christian religion
bibliography list of books on a particular subject
bibliomania craziness about books
bibliophobia fear or dislike of books
library place where books are kept
librarian one in charge of a library
libel written accusation
science knowledge which results from study
conscience knowledge of right and wrong
conscious sharing knowledge; mentally awake or active
omniscience knowing all
disciple a student
discipline teaching; instruction, field of learning
disciplinary pertaining to correction, ordered control or teaching
disciplinarian one who enforces order
dinosaur terrible lizard
tyrannosaurus tyrant lizard (ate anyone he wanted to eat)
stegosaurus lizard with a shell on its back
brontosaurus thunder lizard
amateur a lover; one who enjoys an activity without doing it professionally
amorous full of love
enamored charmed, captivated, in love
enemy hostile, unfriendly person
Created by: LiseBrinkley