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Identify Verbs

action or linking

am Linking
is Linking
are Linking
was Linking
were Linking
will Linking
would Linking
should Linking
could Linking
has Linking
have Linking
do Action
does Action
did Action
can Linking
swim action
run action
dance action
jump action
drink action
eat action
write action
read action
follow action
wipe action
touch action
grab action
hit action
make action
smell action or linking: Sue smelled the flower. (action); The chocolate smells delicious. (linking)
feel action or linking: Kurt felt the rabbit's fur. (action); The rabbit's fur feels soft. (linking)
taste action or linking: She tasted the food. (action); The food taste sour. (linking)
May be Linking
Might be Linking
Should be Linking
Could be Linking
Become Linking
Would be Linking
Appear Linking
Seem Linking
What are linking verbs? verbs that are usually followed by a subject complement--a noun, pronoun, or adjective that refers to and describes, or means the same as, the subject.
Grow action or linking: James grew tired. (Linking); The farmer grows corn. (action)
Remain action or linking:(Linking verb) Please remain calm. (Action verb) The smell of their roses does not remain.
Prove action or linking: The negotiations proved pointless.(linking)Josh proved the problem. (action)
Stay action or linking; They stayed happy. (linking); Please stay here. (action)
look action or linking: He looked sad. (linking)The girls looked at their watch. (action)
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