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K-9 Fel

Basic units of the endrocrine system: Endocrine glands
Endocrine system messengers that travel trough the blood stream: Hormone
The system that prohibits the production and release of hormone: Negative feedback system
Hormones from the ___ gland are carried to the anterior pituitary gland where they stimulate or inhibit pituitary hormones Hypothalamus
What 2 hormone make up thyroid hormone? *T-3:Triiodothyronine *T-4:Thyroxine
A deficiency in thyroid hormone: Hypothyroidism
A excess of thyroid hormone: Hyperthyroidism
The adrenal glands are associated with what organ? Kidneys
The adrenal cortex produces hormones broke into these 3 groups: *Glucocorticoid *mneralcorticoid *androgenic
A condition from excess glucocorticoid hormone: Hyperadrenocorticism (cushings Dz)
A condition from a deficiency in adrenocortical hormone: Hypoadrenocorticism (addisons Dz)
2 hormones that are produced by pancrease that control the metabolism of glucose: *Insulin *glucogon
A deficiency in insulin results in what Dz? Diabetes mellitis
The gland that regulates blood calcium levels: parathyroid
Negative feedback system is affected by direct stimulation of ______ Nervous system
What is the most common endocrine deficiency in cats? Hyperthyroidism
What is the most common endocrine deficiency in dogs? Hypothyroidism
what sex/age is most predisposed to Hypothyroidism? Femal dogs between 4-9yrs
How many thyroid and parathyroid glands are there? *2 thyroid *4 parathyroid
Def: T3 Triiodothyronine
Def:T4 Thyroxine
Decrease in blood calcium: Hypocalcemia
What is the primary hormone the thyroid gland produces? Calcitonin
TSH is released from the____ gland Pituitary
A blood sample may appear ____ in color in hypothyroid patients Hyperlipemic
____ is a decrease in T4 Hypothyroid
____ will cause increase calcium loss from bone hypothyroidism
What 2 Anticonvulsants drugs can cause a decrease in T4? Phenobarbitol and Diazapam
What breed naturally has low T4 levels? Greyhound
What is the name of the thyroid hormone replacement supplement? Name: L-thyroxine (soloxine)
What is the name of the medication used to treat Hyperthyroidism? Name:Tapazole (methimazole)
What is the test name used to diagnose thyroid conditions? Free T4
___ is a non cancerous gland and ____ is an invasive form of cancer *adenoma *carcinoma
What hormone stimulates the parathyroid gland? TSH: Thyroid stimulating hormone
Normal range of PTH IN K-9/Fel: K-9: 20pg/ml Fel: 17pg/ml
What is the normal blood calcium range? 8-10ml/dl
____ and ___ are a cause of decreased blood calcium *Milk fever *Eclampsia
Vitamin D is normally activated where? In the kidneys
___ is the main function of the pancreas Endocrine (digestive enzymes)
Endocrine functions- islet of langerhans: *Alpha cells *beta cells *delta cells
Insulin: Lowers blood glucose
Glucogon: Raises blood glucose
Normal ranges for blood glucose: K-9:60-120mg/dl Fel:70-150mg/dl
Type 1 diabetes is ____ on insulin dependent
Type 2 diabetes is ___ on insulin non dependent
Dogs are ___% type __ and felines are ___ % Type __ when it comes to diabetes k-9:100% type 1 Fel:50-50 type 1 and 2
___ dogs are more likely affected with Diabetes mellitus and ____ Felines are more likely affected *female *male
Hyperglycemia devolopes when BG reaches: K-9:180-220mg/dl Fel:200-280mg/dl
____ can be a result of glaucoma caused by diabetes cataracts
what confirmation defect does diabetes cause in cats? Plantar posture
Insulin normally inhibits: Lipolysis and gluconeogenisis
What will you typically see in a UA with uncontrolled diabetic patients? Glucose + ketones
The kidney start releasing ___ when BG reaches 200mg/dl ketones
Fast acting insulin used for emergencies: Humulin R
Intermediate acting insulin for twice daily home use: Humulin N
Long acting for at home use: PZI (Idexx)
oral hypoglycemic for k-9 and Fel: k-9:Acarbose Fel:Glipizide
Tumor of beta cell- excretes excess insulin: Insulinoma
Decreased BG and Increased Insulin are indicative of: Insulinoma
What is the quickest way to administer sugar substances to increase blood sugar at home? On the MM or sublingual
Inability to process nutrients due to the lack of pancreatic enzymes: EPI: Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency
EPI is not usually evident until ___% of the pancreas is damaged 85-90%
What test is used to detect EPI? TLI: Trypsin-like immunoreactivity
Alpha cells release: Glucogon
Beta cells release: insulin
Delta cells release: somaton
Zona Glomerulosa releases: mineralocorticoid
Zona faciculata releases: Glucocorticoids
Zona Reticularis release: androgens
Adrenal medulla releases: Norepinephrine
what are the 2 main causes for cushings Dz? *adrenal pituitary lesions (85%) *adrenal tumor 15-20%
What sex/age are more predisposed to cushing's Dz? Female dogs >6yrs
What are the 2 diagnostic tests for Cushing's? *ACTH Stimulation test *Low Dexmethasone suppression test
Hypothalumus releases: *CRF: Corticotropin releasing factor
Anterior pituitary gland releases: ACTH:Adrenocorticotropin Hormone
Andrenal cortex releases: Glucocorticoids
Process of hormone stimulation from Hypothalumus: Hypothalumus stimulates>> Anterior pituitary-stimulates>> Adenal cortex
Sex Hormone: Androgen
Bodies natural steroid hormones: mineralcorticoids
result of Over medication with glucocorticoids: Iatrogenic
Created by: brit_2112