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science test on groundwater and glaciers

What is a large mass of compacted ice that flows under the infulence of gravity glacier
what are large expanses of snow covered terrain above the snowline? snowfields
whare would you find a snowline? Where snowmelts during the summer
What is a glacier ice formed by compacting and refreezing snow? firn
When does a firn become glacier ice? When ice of consisting of inter locking crystals produce by pressure.
When does firn become glacier ice? When ice consisting of inter locking crystals are produced by pressure.
what is the accumulation zone? When snow keeps sspilling up.
What is the imagenary seperation line? snowline or
What is the wastage zone? were the snow evaporates
what is the terminus? lower end of the glacier
What is the most common type of glacier? valley glacier or mountain glacier
What is a peidmont glacier? broad glacier formed by the merging of 2 or more valley glaciers near the foot of the mountain.
What are broad masses of ice that cover large areas? ice sheets
What are two types of ice sheets continental glacier and ice caps
what is a large fragment of floating ice that broke off of the edge of a glacier into the ocean an iceberg
How much of an iceberg is located below water 80% to 90%
What determines how mch of an iceberg is below water salinity of water and density of the ice
why would the amount of salinity of water determine how much of the iceberg is below water salinity would make it float
Where is the world's largest glacier and what kind of glacier is it Antartic Ocean and Continental
why do crevasses form in the zone of fracture to relieve stress caused by motion
What is the main fracture that determines how fast a glacier moves liquid water flowing under the glacier
what is a sudden increase in the speed of glacial movement surge
what are the fragments of bedrock that are pullled away by the ice as it moves over bedrock plucking
what are the parrallel scrath marks in rocks that a glacier has moved over glacial striations
what is a steepsided hollo excavation in a mountain side cirque
what is a smalle pond or lake in a glaciated mt. valley that has no outlet tarn
what is a jagged mt. peak left when glacial erosion forms 3 ormore cirques horn
what is any kind of deposit left by a glacier glacial drift
what is unsorted debris dropped in a place as a glaciar melts till
what are boulders from different bedrock left by glaciers erratic
what is a ridge of till deposited at the front of a retreating glacier terminal morain
what is debris carried by the center of a glacier when debris of a valley flow together medial moraine
what are unsorted glacial debris deposited over the Earth's surface that was once under the glacier groujnd moranine
what is the flat deposit of sand and gravel extending for many miles from the terminus of a continental glacier out wash plain
where would you find a kettle in an out wash plain of a ground morain.
What is any water from natural resources found underground? groundwater
What is the natural water cycle which evaporates into the atmosphere form ocean, lakes, and rivers, clouds develop from the vapor, and the water falls to the ground as precipitation and then returns to the rivers. lakes, or oceans? hydrologic cycle
what is the level below which the ground is saturated with ground water? water table
What is the intersection of the water table with the eaeth's surface from which water flows more or less continuously? spring
What is the zone of ground water that is above the water in which the spaces between the soil particles are filled with sir instead of water? zone of aeration
What is the ground below the water table where space is filled with water? zone of saturation
What is the zone where capillary action takes place immediatley above the zone of saturation? cappillary fringe
Wat are a few ways that water is sorted? Porour rock, permeable rock, impermaeable, artesian well
what is the inverted cone shapedd lowering of the water table centerted on a well in an area where the rate or water exceeds the rate of water per colation cone of depression
What is the area where rain water or stream water seeps through to the water table to resupply ground water in an aquifier? recharge zone
Is porous rock a permeable rock True, Yes is it
What is a solvent? anything that can dissolve almost any substance
What is the universal solvent? water
What is soft water water with natural lox levels of minerals
what is hard water water with high levels of minerals
What is a cave the is created by underground streams flowing through rock such as limestone solution cave
What are shapes created by dripstone and flowstone called? stalogmites and stalatites
What are icicle like projections that hang down from the cieling Stalacites
What are projections that come up through the floor Stalagmite
Name 6 shapes created from spelotherms stalacites, stalagmites, curtains, sheilds, bacon, and shelves,
what are curtains inclinded walls
what are shields disk shaped flowstone
what is bacon stripped ribbion of flowstone
what are shelves flat deposists of calcite.
What is a person who explores caves spelunker
what is a chemical erosion that causes distincr land scape kart topography
what are five faetures of karst sink hole, natural bridge, disapearing stream, streamless valley, appearing stream
what is a bowl shaped depression sinkhole
what is a tunnel like cave cieling natural bridge
what is it called when aa stream flows into a cave dissapearing stream
what is an abandoned stream bed called stream less valley
what is a stream flows out of a hill appearing stream
Created by: oliviaobrien