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Science Final Xams 1

if you dropped a piece of wood and a piece of gold into water and the wood floats and the gold sinks, what can you infer? *The density of gold is more than the density of water *The density of wood is less than the density of the gold.
What is a compound? 2 or more substances CHEMICALLY combined.
Why must you study 2 or more characteristics before identifying an unknown substance? Some substance have the 2 or more of the same characteristic properties.
What are characteristic properties of matter? *Boiling Point *Density *Melting Point *A property that never changes
What is a molecule? The smallest unit of MOST compounds.
Atoms of 2 or more elements can combine to form..... Compounds
The elements in each group are ALIKE or NOT ALIKE in properties? Not alike
All elements in the same group have similar.... Characteristics
A column on the periodic table can also be called... Group or Family
How can an elements properties be predicted? It's location on the periodic table
The atomic number for the element calcium is 20. How many protons does 1 atom of calcium have? 20
What is the rule for finding the protons of an atom? Protons = Atomic #
How do you find the neutrons of an atom? Atomic Mass - Atomic #
What are 3 things that are true about Chemical Reactions? *Absorb or release energy *Produces new substances. In some CRs 2 or more substances combine, forming one or more new substance
What is the law of conservation of energy? The principle that says in every physical and chemical change the total amount of energy stays the same.
The volume of a gas is the same as the volume of its... Container
Chemists classify an element as a metal based on which properties? Hardness Shininess Malledoility Ductility
Created by: koolkitty336